Where to Find Street Art in Walthamstow

Walthamstow has one of the best and most spread out street art scenes in London. From the central hub of Hoe Street to the areas around Wood Street and St James Street, there are many murals to see. Much of the work in the area is the result of local organisations such as Wood Street Walls.

Some of the biggest street artists in the world have painted in the Walthamstow area. Invader, Conor Harrington, Cam Scale, ROA and Axel Void have all created street art pieces. They join works from the likes of local artist Mark McClure and London regulars Nerone, ATM and Irony. The range of art in the area is truly impressive, you’ve just got to know where to find it.

Street Art Mural by Helen Bur in Walthamstow
Mural by Helen Bur on Wood Street

Map of Street Art Locations in Walthamstow

Street Art in Walthamstow

Walthamstow Central

The area around the central Walthamstow station is home of one of the area and London’t most notable murals. The piece from Ireland’s Conor Harrington shows two men in his trademark period costumes fighting. The wall can be found on Ray Dudley Way, just behind the station itself. It overlooks an ordinary estate and is quite the distraction. Close by on St Mary’s Road can be found a more recent piece from Nerone. Painted as part of the 2020 London Mural Festival, it’s a bright electric piece from the exciting French artist. An older work from Walthamstow local Mark McClure can also be seen nearby. It’s a rare piece of street art which is made entirely out of wood.

Street art mural by Conor Harrington in Walthamstow
Conor Harrington mural on Ray Dudley Way in Walthamstow
Street art mural by Nerone in Walthamstow
Nerone created this piece as part of the 2020 London Mural Festival
Long standing street art by Mark McClure in Walthamstow
An older work by Mark McClure on St Marys Road is actually made out of wood

Hoe Street

The central street in Walthamstow is Hoe Street. It runs from the centre down the hill towards Forest road. It is a place full of eateries and pubs. Street art can be seen dotted along it. Notable works include some long standing pieces from Boe & Irony and Carne Griffith. A more recent mural from Mr Penfold was added as part of the London Mural Festival.

Street art mural by Irony in Walthamstow
Two foxes from Boe & Irony on Hoe Street in Walthamstow
Street art mural by Mr Penfold in Walthamstow
Mural by Mr Penfold painted for the London Mural Festival

Aubrey Road

The Aubrey Road outdoor gallery was a bit of an ambition that doesn’t seem to have really taken off. However there are a couple of nice pieces to see. Local artist Mark McClure has some work here which is joined by painting of a Snipe from ATM. Both artists have multiple artworks spread across the Walthamstow area.

Sign for the Aubrey Road outdoor gallery with work from Mark McClure in the background
Mark McClure mural on Aubrey Road
A Snipe from ATM on Aubrey Road

God’s Own Junkyard and Surrounding Streets

A hugely popular hangout, God’s Own Junkyard is an incredible place in it’s own right. Situated on the Ravenswood Industrial Park there is also a micro brewery on the site. Certainly it’s a fun place to hang out. Street art can be found on the building for God’s Own Junkyard itself and there are a couple of notable murals from RUN and Holy Moly in the surrounding streets.

Murals on the side of God’s Own Junkyard on the Ravenswood Industrial Park
A mural by RUN on the facade of ‘Arte e Pasta on Shernhall Street
‘National Hero Service’ tribute to the NHS on Ravenswood Road by Holy Moly

Forest Road

Running from the top end of Wood Street to Blackhorse Road, Forest Road contains a number murals spread along it. Notable pieces from Eelus, Invader, Hunto, RUN, Faunagraphic and Erin Holly are spaced along it’s length. The William Morris Gallery too is here too. The foremost gallery in the area and adjacent to Lloyd Park, William Morris is possibly Walthamstow’s most famous artists.

Street art mural by Eelus in Walthamstow
Eelus mural on Forest Road
Street art mural by Invader in Walthamstow
This Invader piece can be found on the side of the Bell Pub on Forest Road
Piece by Shok-1 on the side of the Bell Pub
Street art mural by Erin Holly in Walthamstow. The piece is a dedication to Joseph Torres
Portrait of Joseph Torres by Erin Holly. The mural is a tribute to Joseph, an accidental victim of gun crime. The mural is intended to celebrate his life and was made in conjunction with his family and Wood Street Walls
Street art mural of William Morris by ATMA in Walthamstow.
Mural of William Morris painted by ATMA next to the William Morris Gallery
Street art mural by RUN in Walthamstow
RUN mural on Forest Road
Street art mural by Hunto in Walthamstow
Hunto mural on Higham Hill Road just off Forest Road
Street art mural by Faunagraphic in Walthamstow
Faunagraphic mural on Essex Road just off Forest Road

Wood Street

The home of Wood Street Walls the street has one of the highest densities of street art in the Walthamstow area. Stand out murals by Helen Bur, Static, Axel Void and Cam Scale & Loretta Lizzio make the journey here very worthwhile.

Beryl Swain mural in Walthamstow painted by Helen Bur
Axel Void mural overlooking a car park just off Wood Street
Collaboration between Australian artists Cam Scale and Loretta Lizzio on Wood Street
Mural on the Flower Pot pub on Wood Street by Static

St James Street

Many of the murals around the St James Street station are the result of support from the St James Big Local collective. It’s resulted in some standout works from some recognisable street artists. Sheffield’s Phlegm, Belgium’s ROA and London’s ATM all have large murals within a short walk from each other.

Mural by ATM on Coppermill Lane
Badger and Bird by ROA on St James Street
Creature from Phlegm on St James Street

Elmfield Road

Towards the reservoirs just down from St James Street station a number of murals can be seen on and around Elmfield Road. They include a painting of a Goshawk from ATM, a fox and badger by Louis Masai and an abstract mural from Hunto. They were all painted as part of the Paint Your London festival.

Goshawk mural by ATM on Coppermill Lane
Hunto mural on Elmfield Road
Fox and a Badger with Bees by Louis Masai on Elmfield Road

The street art of Walthamstow was visited during February 2021. You can read more articles in this series of posts from London, Shoreditch , Brick Lane and Camden.


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