Artists of the East End – Season Two

Artists of the East End is a series which focuses on creatives who either live in or create artwork around London’s East End. The area is well known as the hub of street art in London. Areas such as Shoreditch and Brick Lane attracting artists from across the city and the UK. Places such as Walthamstow and Hackney Wick also boasting thriving art scenes. The area often finds itself to be an agreeable artistic backdrop.

This series of interviews focuses on who these artists are and what makes them tick. We take a look at their work and learn about their inspirations and motivations. All are known for their work on the street. Though the extent of this work depends upon their own practice. We range from muralists, poets and paste up artists to graffiti writers and urban expressionists.

Artists of the East End

Dale Grimshaw

A fine artist known for his portraits of indigenous people from Papua New Guinea. Dale having for a long time been a supporter of the ‘Free West Papua’ campaign. His work now mainly can be seen on canvas but he is also known for his street art, particularly in the East End of London. Speaking to ‘Artists of the East End’ at his home in North London he was preparing for his latest exhibition with the Well Hung Gallery on Brick Lane.


Caro Clarke also known as Inkteraktiv is an urban paper artist. Known for her paper sculptures she lives in the East End and is inspired by the urban environment and architecture around her. Her work used a variant of paper quilling, a technique used to strengthen paper and to give it structure. She was interviewed at her home in Hackney Wick.

Hello the Mushroom

Sara Lucas, also known as ‘Hello the Mushroom’ is an artist known for her paste ups and collages on the streets of the East End. Now living in Norway that hasn’t stopped her visiting the area in which she launched her street art career any chance she can get. Speaking to Artists of the East End she had been visiting as part of the International Paste Up Festival in the area.


Jonesy is an artist known for his bronze sculptures that can be found on walls and lampposts across the East End. Describing himself as a jack of all trades he also creates work on paste up and in stone and wood. Jonesy is nothing if not versatile and his creations are often stumbled across to the huge delight of the viewer.

Medea Yankova

Medea is an artist originally from Bulgaria and Georgia known for her eclectic scenes. Showing movement and dynamism she captures moments in time and the energy of the environment in which paints. Her style is a flow of lines, patterns and colours. All of which result in capturing the essence of the space.

Angry Dan

Angry Dan is an artist, based in Walthamstow and known for his limericks. Often painting them bold and bright on the street, he takes his inspirations from science and nature. The words themselves are playful and often set against an image that represents them. His work is meant as a relief and serves to brighten up someone’s day whilst also perhaps helping to engage with an idea or a thought. Particularly prevalent in Walthamstow they can also be seen popping up more and more across the UK.


Known for her empowering portraits of women, Jelly is an artist influenced by energy, spirituality and rave music. Her work very much represents her own journey. Diagnosed at an early age with an auto-immune condition. For years she has had to manage chronic pain which stifled the artist within her. Moving towards a more holistic treatment she has been working to reclaim that creativity. Presenting itself in her street art. It is this energy and positivity which Jelly wants people to take away. Empowering images with affirmations attached to them have become her trademark.

Lydia Smith

Lydia Smith is a sculptor who combines traditional techniques with technology in order to re-imagine her works across both the physical and digital spaces. Beginning with an initial concept she works to transform the piece digitally. Often collaborating with other artists, they will help to wrap their own art around it. The resultant piece is an NFT that exists digitally but which then inspires another real work artwork. Taking influences from human connectivity, ancient history, technology, spirituality, the future and archaeology. The whole process results in a kind of arty eco system where one artwork begets another and another.

Gokcen Yuksek

Gokcen Yuksek is a pop surrealist artist known for her work in 3D printing and painting. Her artworks are influenced by potential future states as well as emotions and the natural world. Based in Dalston, East London, her career as a painter only started just over three and a half years ago. Always artistic, prior to this her practice centred around 3D printing which is still quite possibly her first love. Her intricate designs featuring her wide eyed female character, embarking in all kinds of situations.

SoulD Art

SoulD describes herself as a conscious artist. Known for her stencil and graffiti art, her work promotes messages around positivity, kindness and looking after the planet. Creating work both in the studio her work has graced the streets of the East End in both mural and paste up form.

Artists of the East End is video interview series by Inspiring City. It features artists who either live in or often work within the East End of London. Season one can be found here.