Art Related Noise Season 1


Art Related Noise (known as Art Related Nonsense in season one) is our podcast collaboration with the Enter Gallery in Brighton. Featuring interviews with artists and influencers from across the art scene, it’s about getting under the skin of the art world and seeing what makes it tick.

The founder of the Enter Gallery in Brighton (formerly Art Republic). Alkin can lay claim to having helped launch the career of many an artist. He spotted the likes of Banksy early on and supported the careers of people like Jamie Reed and Jimmy Cauty. He talks to us about his career, his passion and what art means to him.

Lawrence Alkin is the CEO of the Enter Gallery in Brighton


Fashion designer turned artist Magnus Gjoen has been blazing a trail since unintentionally sidestepping onto the art scene more than seven years ago. He tells us about the themes from his work and how these are often an interplay between life and death.

Magnus Gjoen was interviewed at his studio in London Fields


The Art Yard Sale is one of the biggest events on the art buying calendar. A staple on the Brighton scene it attracts art buyers and fans from all around. This years exhibitors included the likes of Magnus Gjoen, Louise McNaught, Cosmo Sarson, Eelus, Gemma Compton, Sara Pope and Art+Believe.

art yard sale

The Art Yard sale is an annual event held in Brighton. We spoke to a number of the artists exhibiting.


Known for her realistic and often fantastical images of animals, insects and birds. Louise McNaught is an artist whose work can capture the imagination. What’s more shes just about to launch her first book called ‘Survival’. She talks to us about that, her art and how her daughter is the main inspiration behind her art.

Louise McNaught was interviewed in Shoreditch as she was preparing for the launch of her new book ‘Survival’


Known for his expansive London skylines, finished with gold-leaf skies, artist Jayson Lilley talks to Art-related Nonsense about his creative approach, how each piece can incorporate hundreds of photos and the role his dyslexia has played in becoming the artist he is today.

We met Jayson Lilley at his studio in Kent where he showed us his process for making his expansive cityscapes


Inspired by the hills of his native Snowdonia, Bristol-based artist Benjamin Thomas Taylor produces work that is bright and cheery, but that often has a deeper meaning. He talks to Art-related Nonsense about his career – including his formative years living in a shared workspace in Hackney Wick – and why he loves words and painting-by-numbers kits.

benjamin thomas taylor

Benjamin Thomas Taylor was interviewed at his home in Bristol. We spoke about his love of text based imagery and painting by numbers


A pioneer of the graffiti scene in Brighton, REQ has tranformed his style since starting out on the street in the early 80’s. Now mixing more traditional painting techniques with street art, REQ’s work can be seen all over the city. Working with a muse, who he calls ‘Smudge’, much of his work will be inspired and based around her image. He talks to Art Related Nonsense about his work, the street art scene in Brighton and the tours he is running with Art Republic.

Well known on the Brighton graffiti scene. We interviewed REQ as he showed us around the back streets of the city looking for art


Known for her digital collages and her intricate paintings. Alexandra Gallagher has been experimenting with the street art scene in her native Blackburn. There, she has become a regular feature of the town’s Open Walls festival and her art can now be seen dotted around Blackburn’s streets. She talks to Art Related Nonsense whilst showing us around the town and telling us about her art.

Based in Blackburn we met Alexandra Gallagher in her home town as she showed us around the murals of the Blackburn Open Walls Festival


Known for her sensuous lips the work of Sara Pope is instantly recognisable! Focusing on the very human emotions that the lips allow us to convey. Sara’s work seeks to explore the different ways in which we communicate using the mouth. Initially starting out as a mathematician, she talks to Art Related Nonsense about her move from maths to shoe design, the world of fashion and eventually art.

We met Sara Pope at her studio in Portslade. We spoke about her art and just what it takes to become a lip model


A photographer with a penchant for collections, Vessey is an artist inspired by nostalgia and pop culture. Producing large scale images, they tend to tell a story through the lens of the person who’s collection is being showcased. Most recently his focus has been on the work of Norman Cook aka FatBoySlim and Art Related Nonsense caught up with him to find out more about that latest project.

For our final podcast of the season we visited Mark Vessey at his home in Brighton. Just about to release a new work with Norman Cook he spoke to us about the process of creating his giant images of collections.

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