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As a blogger it should be no suprise that we follow and love other blogs too. In fact it’s blogs written by other people that tend to spur us on and inspire us to do even more.

So I’ve decided to list the top blogs read by us and below you will find some of blogging Britain’s very best.

Street Art in London

  • HookedBlog – If you are interested in street art then you need to follow this blog it’s as simple as that. Hooked often has the inside track on a lot of what is happening. They have been featuring the very best of street art particularly in the East End since 2005.
  • Graffoto – Focusing on the street art scene in the East End of London. Graffoto is another long running blog which has been documenting the scene now. When it comes to spotting new art Graffoto is generally the first on the scene. Helped as it is the personal blog of the founder of the popular Shoreditch Street Art Tours.
  • London Calling – Featuring the latest art coming out of the East End and London in general. London Calling finds out where the latest street art is happening and makes sure that it is recorded. Usually with in progress pictures and a good text summary of the art and the artist.  London Calling tends to be on top of the latest happenings and has also moved into street art curation

International Street Art

  • Street art 360 -Based out of Edinburgh and written by a Frenchman. Laurent Jacquet has been covering the scene for years. Inspired by a stencil by C215 in the Parisian suburb of Vitry-Sur-Seine.  Since then he’s moved to the UK and translated his love for art into this excellent blog. Filled with interviews, guides and featuring some of the best street art around.
  • Blocal Travel – Street art blog with works from all over the world.  Giulia, an Italian based in Amsterdam. She manages to get all over the place looking at the art from different cities. The blog also has a number of handy guides. Directing people to the best spots packed with her own take on the places she visits.
  • Urbanite – Featuring art and interviews from artists around the world. Fran, the mind behind Urbanite, certainly gets around. Able to curate a huge amount of content. It is a great place to see some of the latest street art
  • Street Art United States – Covering work from the states and also from around the world. Street Art United States is packed full of the latest happenings from all over the place with interviews, videos and reports. They are often at the forefront of what’s going on.
  • I Support Street Art – Another internationally focused blog with a range of excellent contributors from around the world. I Support Street Art does exactly that and covers the latest art from everywhere you can think of.
  • No Grey Walls – A blog dedicated to the Barcelona art scene. No Grey Walls features some of the best murals popping up around the city. Also featuring interviews with the artists coming to visit. We love Barcelona so it’s great to see a blog that covers the art of the city so well.
  • Cooltourspain – Spanish based with a focus on the street are of Spain and in particular Madrid. In addition to the blog, you can book tours of the street art in the Spanish capital.


  • Little Observationist – The personal blog of Stephanie Sadler. We love the Little Observationist which manages to find the most amazing places. She covers arts, travel, food and anything else her keen eye captures. Sharing with the the little things from London and around the World.
  • Dutch Girl in London – Dutch Girl has been blazing a trail since launching her blog just over a year ago. Covering a huge variety of topics her posts are immaculately researched and always in depth.
  • Jenikya’s Blog – Covering art, design and travel. Jenikya’s Blog is rich in photography as she goes out and captures life as she sees it. Particularly focusing on London Jenn seeks out the best places to be and shares them with the World.
  • Memoirs of a Metro Girl – Hailed as a London blog by a Londoner. Metro Girl covers everything from what’s on to history, architecture, food and travel. It’s a must read for those wanting to know what to do and where to go.
  • Looking for Heroes – Started out initially as an inspired instagram page, Looking for Heroes features the heroes of everyday life.  It has since evolved into a blog and popular youtube channel. There the heroes featured are given a platform to tell their story.  It is an uplifting and positive blog which makes good use of its various channels.


  • The Palette Pages – Featuring a wide variety of interviews with artists and features from the art scene. The palette pages offers a unique and often personal series of perspectives into the art world. As well as supporting the links between buyers and artists.
  • Art Map London – The place to look for shows and private views around London. Art Map puts them all together for the most comprehensive list possible. The blog is a must read for any aspiring artist or gallery. It is advice based and full of useful information.
  • Notice What You Notice – Tanya Nash trawls the city looking for art that captures her imagination. She then presents us with a compelling story about the work.
  • Cosmic Traveller – Art, Street Art, lifestyle and lots of happy stuff.  Sparky the brains behind the blog has created a fun and engaging site as she sees the World through her eyes.  Based in Bristol she also captures a lot of the street art scene over there.


  • Spitalfields Life – The blog that has become a bit of a legend in its own right. Spitalfields life captures just that. The life around Spitalfields and the East End. It has also become a key campaigner for the protection of the East End.
  • London Unveiled – Featuring some of the most unusual and unexpected places in London. This is a must read blog for those interested in learning about new and unusual places in the city.
  • The Lost City of London – Featuring places that are exactly that. The Lost City of London searches out the places that are no longer there and explains why. What’s more these are all places that would have existed before the great fire.
  • Exploring London – A well rounded blog featuring lots of well researched articles on the history of London. The site has a fantastic series of ‘top 10 posts’
Alice Pasquini on a boat in the Thamses


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