Art Related Noise Season 3

Covid really impacted the art world throughout much of season 3. In this time places closed and included the Enter Gallery though it came out with a whole new name and brand. Prior to lockdown it was called Art Republic, the re-opening as Enter therefore was a very significant way to mark a new beginning.

Episode One – Lawrence Alkin

It’s a new era for the gallery in Brighton which has been at the centre of the art scene for the past 2 decades.

Enter Gallery is the new name for the space on Bond Street formerly known as artrepublic. It has received a refresh and a re-brand with a new name for a new decade.

Lawrence Alkin is the CEO of the gallery and he talks to Art Related Noise about why now is the right time to change the name.

episode Two – Panel Talk with Ruth Mulvie, rebecca strickson & Jana Nicole

One of the aims for this year’s International Women’s Day was to increase the visibility of female creatives. For Enter Gallery in Brighton, this has long something which has been a commitment. A panel discussion at the Brighton gallery hears female artists, Ruth Mulvie, Rebecca Strickson and Jana Nicole discuss their careers and their role models they have had along the way. The event was hosted with The Girls Network which aims to inspire and empower young girls from the least advantaged communities.

Episode Three – Elizabeth Waggett

Known for his typefaces and original fonts. Ben Eine is one of the biggest names in typographic art. With a background in graffiti he started out painting shutters and trains. Now he has a piece of work hanging in the White House and his street art is sought after around the world.

Episode Four – Magnus Gjoen

Magnus Gjoen’s work draws on history and metaphor. For his latest release with Enter Gallery in Brighton he has created a box set of prints patterned with delft and gold leaf. It will be a special item. Talking to Art Related Noise he explains the thoughts behind this latest release and how fragility is at the heart of it all.

Episode Five – Joe Webb

Joe Webb is someone we’ve featured before. Hi latest print release ‘Wish you were here’ is a re-imagining of one of his best known artworks. Taking on a new poignancy in our Covid reality. It’s a print which communicates the power of connection, reflection and watching the world go by. Joe talks about the print, working in lockdown and how Enter Gallery put his art career back on track

Episode Six – Mark Vessey

Mark Vessey is an artist known for his epic scale imagery. Centering around the concept of collection, memory and nostalgia the result its an image carefully crafted to invoke a moment or a space in time. He talks to Art Related Noise about his latest works focusing on movie soundtracks and musical theatre. He also shares his experiences of lockdown and how the sea helped him to take stock of his career.

Episode Seven – Poppy Faun

Bold, graphic, often psychedelic and full of energy. This is the work of our latest guest Poppy Faun. Inspired by the 60’s and 70’s this comes across in her work. The images she creates, very much form a bridge between the eras. Talking to Art Related Noise she discusses her passion for that time, her use of collage and digital and how social media is a narrative which influences her work.

Episode Eight – Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards is an artist known for his text based portraits. Images made up of words which create a double resonance within each painting. His neon work too has been an area which he has been developing. Using skull imagery in a pop art setting, they play to the concepts around ideas and the illuminated mind. Music also has clearly had an impact on his work. Playing the clubs of Camden in the 90’s he would balance his music with a fledgling art career in those early days.

Episode Nine – Haus of Lucy

Haus of Lucy is an artist known for her recasting of porcelain dolls and subverting of old images. Re-imaging old figurines and artworks she adds a modern twist. Aiming to twist the everyday and the banal she adds a truly modern dimension into her work. From a background in publishing she has since taken the leap into being a full time artist. Moving from the pages of magazines into the world of online art selling we talk about it all. This is Art Related Noise.

Episode Ten – Maser

Maser is an Irish artist based in Dublin. Starting life on the streets as a graffiti writer, his work has evolved over the years. From large scale murals featuring bright block colours and geometric patterning to more abstract works in the studio.

With Enter Gallery his latest print release draws on various influences from his past. Talking to Art Related Noise he discusses just what those are and gives an insight into his art and his career. 

Episode Eleven – Dave White

Dave White is an artist known for his paintings of the natural world. Using an approach that is at the same time figurative and abstract. His work captures the movement, energy and personality of his muses from all across the animal kingdom. Covering a range of topics we get to find out about his childhood, his passion for the natural world and his love for old arcade games. This as well as getting to know more about his art and the feeling behind it. This podcast was recorded just prior to Dave’s latest exhibition ‘Freedom’ at the Enter Gallery

Episode Twelve – Dan Hiller

Artist Dan Hillier

Dan Hillier is known for his dark, elaborate and often surreal artworks which draw on inspirations within nature, iconography and old traditions. Often using Victorian illustration as the basis of his work he layers together collages which generate an otherworldly feel. His latest piece is called ‘Revelator’ which is also the front cover of the novel of the same name from Daryl Gregory. Forming part of his latest exclusive release with Enter Gallery we discuss both the book and what inspired the work itself. 

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