Inspiring City is a street art focused blog featuring some of the best murals, graffiti art and street artists from London, the UK and around the world

Since moving to the East End of London from the rural idyll of Yorkshire at the beginning of 2012, I soon became captivated with the eclectic mix that is the city of London. The fact that around every corner on pretty much every day of the year there is always something to see or do really captured my imagination.

It was the street art scene that first caught my eye. Always changing and featuring work from some of the top artists both locally and from around the world it turned the East End of London into an exciting outdoor canvas.

soho takeover jxc

Inspiring City with Pennywise from JXC

Over the years I’ve featured shows and exhibitions, interviews with artists and generally tried to capture what I would now describe as the urban art scene. In particular I try to focus on new and emerging artists because it’s hard out there and the more publicity these talented people get the better.

But the title of the blog is Inspiring City and so that still gives me a fairly large brief in terms of things to write about so don’t be surprised if  I also cover a few historic topics that take my fancy too there is after all so much to learn about in this great city.

I hope you enjoy my blog and if you want to contact me or have any ideas on topics I could cover, please contact me using the form below or by Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

mali mowcka, seclestyle and inspiring city

With Mali Mowcka and Seclestyle who we met whilst covering the scene over in Barcelona