Street Art Map of Shoreditch and Brick Lane

A new street art map of Shoreditch has been created showing the best places to see street art in the area. Not only that, the map covers the length of Brick Lane and features hidden spots that only the locals know about.

Shoreditch remains one of the best places to see street art in the country. For those who don’t know the area though, it can be a tricky place to navigate. The Shoreditch Street Art Map helps with all that. Revealing the best streets and the must see places.

Shoreditch Street Art Map

The mix of different forms of urban art are all on show in the wider area. From large scale murals to stickers. The art here refreshes and changes often. Use the map to wander around the streets of Shoreditch and you’ll discover plenty.

To get you going we’ve curated five of the must see murals. You can find them all in the area and are highlighted on the Shoreditch Street Art Map.

Five Must See Murals on a Visit to Shoreditch

ROA’s Crane on Hanbury Street

A long standing piece. The story goes that Belgian artist ROA originally wanted to paint a heron. Whilst he was working on the mural though the locals thought it was a crane and so ROA changed direction. The Crane is a revered bird in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh where a number of people living in the area had once lived.

Crane by ROA on Hanbury Street can be found on the Shoreditch Street Art Map
The Crane by ROA on Hanbury Street

‘A Couple Holding Hands in the Street’ by Stik on Princelet Street

Voted one of Britain’s favourite pieces of art in 2017. Stik’s beautifully simplistic work is a commentary on social cohesion. Brick Lane is a culturally diverse area which has seen racism and discrimination in the past. ‘A Couple Holding Hands in the Street’ reminds us that we are all human and is a much loved local piece.

A Couple Holding Hands on the Street by Stik can be found on the Shoreditch Street Art Map
Stik’s famous ‘a couple holding hands’ on Princelet Street alongside lots of works from the likes of Otto Schade, Georgie and HASworld

The Village Underground Wall on Holywell Lane

The biggest set piece wall in the area. The Village Underground has always attracted the best street artists from near and far. The building is also unique because of the tube carriages sitting on top. Moved here after an upgrade to the Jubilee line they were placed on top of the building in 2006 and have been there ever since. They are also painted and now used as offices.

Zabou’s tribute to ‘A Clockwork Orange’ on the Village Underground wall. You find find this piece on the Shoreditch street art map

Murals on Chance Street

Chance Street just opposite Shoreditch High Street station boasts some of the biggest murals in the city. Long standing pieces from Reka and MadC have recently been joined by a giant work from Shepherd Fairey. There’s also a wall which gets painted a bit more frequently meaning there’s always something to see

A fresh wall from french artist Nerone on Chance Street

Banksy Murals at Cargo

A must see on any tour are two old school murals from Banksy. Protected under perspex they can be found in the courtyard of the Cargo Bar on Rivington Street. Both of these pieces date from around 2001 when Banksy was active in the area. Cargo actually hosted the first Banksy exhibition on 31 May in that year. It was a pop up show and he painted 12 stencils on the wall just outside though those have long gone.

The Street Art Map of Shoreditch can be found here and also embedded in this post. It was created in July 2020 and contains all the key areas to see street art in the Shoreditch and Brick Lane area.

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