Mini Gabi and her Mini Street Art Paste Ups

Mini Gabi is the alter ego of Gabi Almeida. A street artist originally from Brazil but now living in the South of England. Her paste ups are representations of herself as well as messages to those around her. Most recently her mini nurse paste ups have been appearing on walls in London and elsewhere.

A combination of her own experiences they are a reaction to the world as she sees it. Mini Gabi’s have been popping up for the past few years. The little paste ups, found nestling in the streets are a pleasant addition to what can often be a stark urban environment. From Sao Paulo originally, character driven art has always been a big part of her life. Certainly the street art scene over in Brazil is known for it.

Mini Nurse paste up on a street in London by Gabi Almeida
Mini Gabi’s Mini Nurse

Mini Nurse

One of her latest pieces, the Mini Nurse started as a means to show support for front line workers. Initially starting as a window poster during the first lockdown it soon found a life on the streets. The streets of choice for Mini Gabi being around Brick Lane and Shoreditch. The Mini Nurse, dressed in scrubs and an off-centre bow tie, coming complete with a thank you NHS message.

A collaboration with D7606 followed. His work is a regular sight within the popular paste up spots in London. For a time his celebrity ensconced telephone boxes adorned pretty much every wall. They’ve reduced in volume over recent years but are still highly recognisable. Mini Gabi’s mini nurse has recently found a home within them.

Mini Gabi collaboration with D7606 Mini Nurse in a blue telephone box
Mini Gabi collaboration with D7606

Gabi on the Street

But for a quirk of fate, Gabi would not even be in London. Arriving here initially when she was sixteen by mistake. Initially planning to study in Cambridge, USA the idea was to learn english and study. All happening through an agency, you can guess what happened next. The agency got the Cambridge’s mixed up and the rest is history. “We only realised a month before I was due to travel” says Gabi. By that time things were too far down the track and the UK’s gain in the US’s loss.

Gabi’s career as a street artist has certainly come via an unusual route. Initially a singer songwriter, her career had to be put on hold when a brain injury forced her to stop. The art and in particular Mini Gabi came about as part of her recovery. The character at that time, being able to do things that the real Gabi could not. Over the months and years it became more of an integral part of who she was. The character herself started taking on a life of her own. In her head says Gabi, she had a magic pen with which to travel around the world spreading positive messages. The result are mini Gabi’s in various situations dotted across various locations. Each with their own message of positivity.

Instagram Live Chat with Mini Gabi

Speaking to Inspiring City on our IGTV Gabi Almeida explains more about the genesis of Mini Gabi.

Gabi Almeida talks to Inspiring City

Gabi Almeida next to Mini Gabi on Brick Lane
Mini Gabi collaboration with D7606


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