Giant Mural by Hixxy Appears on Car Park in Brentford

A giant mural in Brentford has been painted by the artist Hixxy on the side of a multi-storey car park. The mural is an ode to Brentford’s local history. References abound throughout the pieces with links to local flora and fauna as well as to the local football club.

The mural is part of ‘The Brentford Project‘ being delivered by Ballymore. A town centre regeneration scheme which aims to enhance the areas environment. Situated as a kind of gateway to Brentford High Street, the mural by Hixxy is a large scale statement of intent. Standing nine storeys high it encompasses all four sides of the building. The only stipulation says Hixxy “was to make is positive and beautiful”.

Aerial view of the mural in Brentford by Hixxy
Mural by Jo Hicks aka Hixxy in Brentford. Photo credit: Global Street Art and Ballymore

Hixxy Mural in Brentford

Hixxy is the street name of the artist Jo Hicks. Known for her playful and colourful large scale murals she’s been busy of late. Pieces as part of the London Mural Festival and a recent regeneration scheme in Thamesmead have recently been painted. Her work in Brentford however is by some way her most substantial mural to date.

In particular the mural from Hixxy pays homage to Brentford’s local environment. It’s waterways and canals as well as the wildlife found in the area. Marsh Marigolds, a Weeping Willow, Kingfisher and a Great Crested Grebe all feature in the mural. A number of ‘Brentford Bees’ can also be seen. A nod to Brentford FC and their prominent position in the local community. A doric column meanwhile is a nod to the nearby Syon House. Intertwined with flowers it is a reference to the rich history of West London.

Short video showing the making of the Brentford Mural

The Brentford Project

Hixxy’s mural in Brentford is very much a statement of intent. A kind of vision for the future of the area which ‘The Brentford Project‘ is trying to make reality. Due to complete in 2027 the mural is just a small part of it. One of the key aims is to reconnect the towns high street with the water which runs so close by. New pedestrianised yards and lanes will make that connection easier, as will work to build new homes and retail.

Street art has become one of the tools that urban planners now use to signal change. A kind of statement of intent that action is taking place. After all what’s better than a lick of paint? Especially when it’s nine storey’s high and dominant in it’s surroundings. The mural in Brentford does just that. The area is not known for it’s street art but here its a mural of significant scale. A signal perhaps of things to come.

Large scale mural in Brentford on the side of car park by Jo Hicks aka Hixxy
Brentford mural by Hixxy with the city in the background. Photo credit: Global Street Art and Ballymore

The mural by Hixxy has been supported by The Brentford Project – a town centre regeneration development by Ballymore. It took over 4 weeks to complete and was completed in January 2021. The mural can be seen at the junction of Dock Road and High Street in Brentford and was arranged via Global Street Art.

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