Nerone Paints Giant Mural on Chance Street in Shoreditch

French street artist Nerone has painted a giant mural on Chance Street in Shoreditch. Celebrating the end of lockdown this is about bringing some colour back into the city.

The wall on the corner of Chance Street and Shoreditch High Street is well known. One of the premium street art walls in the city, many great artists have painted here. It tends to alternate between paid for murals and authentic street art.

Completed street art mural on Chance Street by Nerone
he wall on Chance Street in Shoreditch painted by Nerone

Bringing Colour out of Lockdown

“Since lockdown, and with all the tourists gone, the walls of Shoreditch have been left desperately blank”, says Nerone. “Every wall in Shoreditch was painted black and it all looked very gloomy and sad. I was walking down Chance St and I thought, “why should we wait for the next big ad to be released to see those walls full of life and colours again?”

Nerone painting his mural on Chance Street
Nerone in action painting his giant wall on Chance Street

Nerone’s point of view is that art should be part of people’s lives every day and even more so during challenging times. “I really wanted to bring a message of hope and positivity with this painting, in order to bring back some life to the area. When seeing my colourful, dreamlike flowers up on this wall. I want passers-by to smile and be cheerful. It felt so good to be able to paint such a huge wall again after 5 months of lockdown, even though I was still painting outlaw-style here and there.”

The mural by Nerone on Chance Street is 24ft high and 62ft long and took a total of four days to complete. Inspiring City visited the wall as it was being painted on 12 July 2020. Pictures in this post are courtesy of Nerone, Louis Thornton and Be Lucky PR. It is due to stay up until 16 August 2020.

Nerone and his partner Frankie by the completed mural on Chance Street
Nerone and his partner Frankie who worked with him on the wall
Detail of some of the dripping flowers
Nerone painting on Chance Street
Nerone painting his latest wall
On the top of the mural with the city in the background
The completed piece can be found on Chance Street in Shoreditch


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