Nerone Creates Giant Mural on Celebrity Apex Cruise Ship

French street artist Nerone has created two giant street art murals on the Celebrity Apex cruise ship. A far cry from the streets of London. In total he created two murals each spanning 180 square metres and covering two decks. By some way this is largest art project he’s ever undertaken.

In total the murals took over a month to complete. Working whilst the giant ship was in dock at the Saint Nazaire shipyard. He painted six days a week with an assistant. They were long, from 7am to 10pm in most cases.

Mural by Nerone on the Celebrity Apex cruise ship
Giant mural by Nerone on the Celebrity Apex Cruise Ship

Nerone Street Artist

His style is well recognisable. Certainly we’ve been used to seeing his works on the streets of London over the years. An abstract blend of colourful flowers. He will often incorporate feminine faces into his work. Using light pastel shades, his work is accessible and photogenic. It’s no surprise that it’s popular too.

It was the Miami based agency ICArt who spotted his work on instagram and contacted the artist. The Celebrity Apex Cruise Ship is both new and massive, an ideal canvas for Nerone. The company has wanted some original art for the ship. They ended up getting quite a lot of it, floors 15 and 16 at the top of the ship have been covered.

Nerone and his assistant celebrate after completing the giant murals on the Celebrity Apex
It took Nerone and his assistant one month to create the murals on the Celebrity Apex

“It has been the most intense and hardest project” said Nerone. “We had to work under heavy rain almost every day for a month; and the strong gusts of wind coming from the Atlantic Ocean weren’t helping either!” Working on the project throughout February the weather certainly added a new dimension to what has been an epic achievement.

The Celebrity Apex is the latest cruise ship from celebrity cruises. The murals cover two decks and took over a month to create. All photos in this article are courtesy of Nerone.

The celebrity Apex cruise ship in dry dock at Saint Nazaire
Nerone applying detail to his murals on the Celebrity Apex cruise ship


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