Murals of the Avant Garde Tudela Street Art Festival 2020

The 2020 Avant Garde Tudela Festival is a celebration of street art. Taking place in the northern Spanish town of Tudela this was the 7th time the festival has been held. It is curated by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada and in total three giant murals were created. All by international artists based in Spain.

Taking place amidst the lessening of the restrictions imposed due to Covid-19. This meant that in order to ensure the safety of the artists and crews extra safeguards needed to be in place. Spain as a country was in the middle it’s phase 3 state of emergency during the painting. It meant that things were opening up, but still not quite back to normal.

Jeff McCreight’s mural created for the Avant Garde Tudela Festival 2020

International Street Art in Tudela

Three artists took part in the 2020 edition of the Avant Garde Tudela Festival. All based in Barcelona they were Miss Van from France, Jeff McCreight from the USA and Mina Hamada from Japan. All have very different styles. Hamada’s colourful abstract shapes and images, McCreight’s surreal realism and Miss Van’s enigmatic muses are known the world over.

Tudela already has an impressive body of murals in the town. The new murals adding to the 21 previous pieces created as part of previous festivals. It’s quite an array of work. An outdoor gallery which you might not generally associate with a small town in the north of Spain.

Mina Hamada’s mural as part of the Avant Garde Tudela Festival 2020

New Murals in Tudela, Spain

Miss Van (Toulouse, France) – Location: C/ Magdalena Eguaras, 56.

Vanessa Alice also known as Miss Van created a mural called ‘Las Gitanas’ at Tudela. To date it is the biggest wall of her career. Featuring two dreamlike, timeless, mysterious and sensual muses. These are the gitanas or, the gypsies. Set against the backdrop of desert and blue sky, they are travellers. Dressed in enigmatic traditional costumes. There is so much to take in. The hair, clothes, head-dresses all speak to a deep connection to the gypsy culture. The Gitana’s stand there gazing down, observing the world.

Miss Van by her ‘Las Gitanas’ mural in Tudela

Mina Hamada (Japan) – Location: C/ Juan Antonio Fernández, 22.

Japanese street artist Mina Hamada opens a door for us into a world of self imagination. Introducing us into a universe full of shapes and colours. They evoke mother nature, the elements and the environment. Wind, water, local flowers and plants are all captured in Mina’s work. Her style is abstract and full of joy and energy.

Mina Hamada’s mural in Tudela for the Avant Garde Festival in 2020

Jeff McCreight (USA) – Location: Paseo del Castillo, 9.

Jeff McCreight’s mural shows two kids jumping into river. Considering his placement well, the piece is perhaps best seen from the other side of the river itself. It is a representation of the purest expression of people having fun. Without any further thoughts and without worrying about yesterday or tomorrow they jump in. Flippers, masks and a kind of nervous energy exudes out of the boys as they jump.

Jeff McCreight’s mural as seen from the other side of the river
An interview with street artist Ru8icon

The Avant Garde Tudela Festival took place between 8-14 June 2020. It was curated by Jorge Rodriquez-Gerada and supported by the town of Tudela in Spain. All photos in this article are courtesy of Fer Alcalá Losa

Avant Garde Tudela 2020 Mural Gallery

Miss Van painting her mural
Miss Van next to her Gypsy Women
Mural by Jeff McCreight with Tudela in the background
Jeff McCreight painting in Tudela
Mina Hamada painting her mural
Mina Hamada mural in Tudela


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