Five New Murals added to the Streets of Oviedo in Spain for 3rd Parees Festival

The 3rd edition of the Parees Festival in Oviedo, Spain has left five new murals added to the streets of the northern Spanish town. In total there are now 23 murals which can be seen in Oviedo, all created within the past three years.

Artists taking part in the 2019 edition were Mina Hamada, Hedof & Joren Joshua, Udatxo, Catalina Rodriguez Villazon & Matth Velvet. Representing a mixture of different styles and themes

Mina Hamada

Barcelona based Mina Hamada based her work on the illustrations of animals and plants drawn by children in two local schools. She has re-interpreted those drawings to create a colourful and imaginative world full of fantasy and fun. We last featured her work in our list of Barcelona Based Artists to look out for.

Mina Hamada by her latest mural in Oviedo

Location : Poet Angel Gonzalez Public School, C/ Molin de Toro, 1. La Corredoria, Oviedo

Hedof & Joren Joshua

From the Netherlands Hedof and Joren Joshua combined for the first time to paint at the Parees Festival. The wall pays homage to traditional sports in the Asturias region. Most specifically in this mural, the Basque rural sport of Aizkolaritza or ‘woodchopping’.

Location: Tenderina Alta, 55. Oviedo


A local artist from the Basque Country, Udatxo’s piece pays homage to the history of the area. Featuring the artist herself the mural used old photographs as a reference. Close to an old bar and next to the main hospital, her piece remembers a distant time.

Location: C/ Los Rosales, 7, Oviedo

Catalina Rodriguez Villazon

Local artist Catalina Rodriguez Villazon pays tribute to the the legacy of scientist Margarita Salas with her work. The first time the artist has really painted a mural outdoors, Salas is a leader in the field of biochemistry and molecular genetics.

Location: Celestino Alvarez Street, El Cristo, Oviedo

Matth Velvet

‘Les Indes Noires’ or ‘Child of the Cavern’ is a piece created by French artist Matth Velvet. It comes from the title of the Jules Verne novel published in 1877. A homage to the mining background of the village of Olloniego. He used old photographs and conversations with some of the neighbours to get an sense of the history of the area. The mine in Olloneigo was finally closed in 1993.

Location: Oviedo AS-242 road (Olloniego)

The Parees Festival in Oviedo, Spain took place between 5-15 September 2019. All pictures supplied in this post are courtesy of the festival

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