Parees Fest 2020 in Oviedo Announces All Spanish Line Up

Parees Fest the Oviedo based Street Art Festival will be returning for 2020. It will be the fourth edition of the event which has so far seen over 25 murals added to the northern Spanish city of Oviedo. This year for the first time all the contributing street artists will be Spanish.

Street art festivals have taken a hit during 2020 because of the Global lockdown caused by Covid-19. As a result, all murals painted for the Parees Festival will be open air and avoiding crowds. It’s been a big realignment from the original plan for the festival. It means that the supporting activities normally associated with the event won’t be able to happen this year.

Video featuring the murals of Parees Fest in 2019

However the street art will still continue. Where often events like this tend to have a strong international flavour, this time all the artists will be Spanish. Manu Garcia, Manolo Mesa, Lidia Cao and Harsa Pati will all be creating works around the town.

Parees Fest 2020 Artists

Manu Garcia ‘El Nola’s

An Oviedo local Garcia is a graduate of fine art from the University of Salamanca. His work he says is autobiographical. Acting as a kind of journal it focuses on the world around him and is based on the idea of play. His work is quite abstract in nature. Full of vibrant colour his pieces tell stories inspired often by the bonds we make with other people as well as with the world around us.

Painting by Manu Garcia who will be painting at the Parees Fest 2020
Manu Garcia

Manolo Mesa

From Cadiz, Manolo Mesa is an artist known for his giant still lifes. A number of his works feature bowls and jugs. Either on their own or as part of an interaction with an everyday scene. “The fixation by the bottles, jugs, bowls is a great vehicle to tell things about” he says. His work is about giving value to these symbols and tools of everyday life.

Mural by Manolo Mesa who will be painting at Parees Fest 2020
Manolo Mesa

Lidia Cao

An artist from Coruna, Lidia Cao has been combining her illustrative work with her street art. The combination of the two has resulted in some spectacular pieces. Graphic portraits, her murals are full of expression painted within strong complimentary colour palettes. Her piece at the Parees Fest 2020 will be inspired by the local writer Dolores Medio.

Mural by Lidia Cao

Harsa Pati

From Zaragoza Harsa Pati is a multi disciplinary artist with a contemporary illustrative style. Bright, bold and colourful, her work for Parees Fest 2020 will be inspired by traditional Asturian folk tales. Storytelling and oral culture is a part of the identity of many cultures including in this part of Spain.

Harsa Pati painting a mural

Parees Fest 2020 will take place in Oviedo in Spain between 7 and 13 September 2020. All photos have been supplied by Parees Fest. You can see the murals created as part of the festival here.

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