Parees Festival 4th Edition adds Murals to Oviedo

Four new murals have been added to the streets of Oviedo for the 4th Edition of the Parees Festival. This time featuring Spanish artists it started in 2017 and has resulted in 22 murals so far across Oviedo. Murals which feature a variety of local and international artists.

In total Four artists, all of them Spanish, have taken part in this years 4th festival. All have created artworks inspired by local themes and informed by the local community. It’s been an important element for the festival. Including the neighbours in the creative process itself, creates ownership and buy in to the final products.

Manolo Mesa painted his giant crockery inspired mural at the 4th Edition of the Parees Festival

Parees Festival 4th Edition Murals

Harsa Pati

Inspired by a traditional fairy tale from Asturias. Harsa Pati aka Arantxa Recio had heard it from local writer and storyteller Milo del Nido. The tale itself called was called ‘The Cold Dead Lamb’. Representing the story through the characters of a woman and a lamb. The mural itself is made up of both figurative and symbolic elements. “I have reduced the history to the essential elements” says Harsa. “I have tried to tell the story as it should be told and I have done it through light and colour”. Her finished piece spans 50 metres long and covers a wall by the German Fernandez Ramos Public School.

Mural by Harsa Pati part of the Parees Festival 4th edition
A 50 metre long mural in Oviedo from Harsa Pati
Harsa Pati painting her folk tale inspired mural in Oviedo

Manolo Mesa – instagram

A mural paying homage to the abandoned crockery factory of San Claudio. As part of the preparation the Parees team asked locals to take pictures of their old San Claudio pieces. Images of plates, teapots, trays and cups were received alongside the stories behind them. Manolo Mesa, an artist known for his large scale depiction of crockery, then visited the homes of the people. Determined to find out more about the history and also to photograph the pieces for the composition that would find its way onto the wall.

Mural by Manolo Mesa part of the Parees Festival 4th edition
Manolo Mesa’s completed wall inspired by a local crockery factory

Lidia Cao

Dedicated to local writer Dolores Medio. Lidia Cao’s work celebrates the literary work of Dolores. A victim of censorship she lived through the Franco regime. She is seen typing whilst two vultures observe. The shadows of the vultures reveal men with hats standing behind. According to Cao she was “a brave fighter and revolutionary woman. Always with her typewriter, tie and short hair. Carrying literature where it was needed. She would carry a shopping cart full of books, mailing to those who did not have easy access to them”.

Mural by Lidia Coa inspired by Dolores Medio part of the 4th Edition of the Parees Festival
Lidia Cao mural inspired by writer Dolores Medio as part of the Parees Festival 4th Edition
Lidia Cao adding touches to her mural

Manu Garcia

Painted onto the wall of the El Milan College Campus. This piece for the Parees Festival 4th edition is from Manu Garcia. A tribute to the festivals of Prao and La Folixa, two very popular local summer events. His work to learn more about the traditions of the area led him to visit the photographic archives of Asturias. A local himself, he also drew on his own memories of life growing up in the area.

Mural by Manu Garcia part of the Parees Festival 4th Edition
Manu Garcia grew up in the local area. His mural remember traditional summer parties
Manu Garcia at work on his piece

Map of the Oviedo Murals

Ver pantalla completa

The 4th Edition of the Parees Festival took place between 7th and 13th September 2020. All photos used in this piece are from Feralcala and Mirahaciaatras courtesy of the festival


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