Ceramic Street Art from Ana Barriga in Barcelona

Street Art which looks like it could have been made out of ceramics has appeared in Barcelona. From Spanish artist Ana Barriga Oliva her style recreates that glazed pottery look. It’s something that you’d normally see on a mantelpiece or in your grans china cabinet.

That is except for the fact that with Ana Barriga it’s been given a street art makeover. Indeed the term ‘ceramicalistic’ seems to have been coined just for her. Her latest piece is in the La Sagrera area of Barcelona. She’s gone big for it. Recreating a tender scene between two porcelain children.

Mural by Ana Barriga in Barcelona
The final mural from Ana Barriga on a wall at Espai 30 in Barcelona. Photo by Alex Puig Ros

Ceramicalistic Street Art

The mural was inspired by some objects she found whilst hunting in the flea markets of Madrid. Discovering two pottery figures that created a casual but tender composition. Using a combination of oil painting, varnish and spray paint. She was able to recreate the distinctive look on a large scale.

Ana Barriga working on her mural
Ana Barriga working on her mural in Barcelona. Photo by Alex Puig Ros

From Cadiz in the south of Spain. Ana Barriga’s work in Barcelona has been created to co-incide with the closing of the TAPIA exhibition. A collective show at the B Murals Gallery in La Nau Bostik. Barriga had wanted to add a scene of love and fellowship to the area. Something that would ensure the exhibition finished on a high.

The work by Ana Barriga was made possible by a collaboration between the Sant Andreu district and Espacio30 with Barcelona’s City Council. It has been managed by B-Murals and local artist Sergi Bastida supported Ana.

Ana Barriga Barcelona Gallery

Ana Barriga’s mural in Barcelona in development. Photo by Alex Puig Ros
Art from Ana Barriga as shown in the Tapia Exhibition. Photo by Alex Puig Ros
The final mural from Ana Barriga in Barcelona
Close up of the final mural at Nau Bostik from Ana Barriga. Photo by Alex Puig Ros
Portrait of the artist Ana Barriga
Ana Barriga portrait. Taken during the Tapia exhibition in Barcelona. Photo by Fer Alcala


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