Pichiavo Paint Giant Mural of Athena in Barcelona

A giant mural of the Greek Goddess Athena has appeared in Barcelona. Towering 125 metres high and on the side of a student residence. The mural has been created by the street art duo Pichiavo. It’s their first ever mural in Barcelona.

Known for their combination of art techniques from both the modern and classical worlds. The duo blend them together to create striking murals. This most recent work has been inspired by the statue of Athena which stands outside the Austrian Parliament in Vienna. There she is shown dressed in armour, holding a spear and wearing a gilded helmet.

The mural of the Pallas Athena by Pichiavo can be found on the side of Livena Living Diagonal in Barcelona.

Athena in Barcelona

A key figure now in the collective imagination. This version of a more military-esque Athena, known as a ‘Pallas Athena’, is what the artists wanted to depict. A representative character to showcase diverse feminist schools of thought. At the same time she represents the warrior, the protector, the wise and the independent woman.

Much of Pichiavo’s work is designed to create some form of reaction and indeed conversation. A protective figure Athena is also seen as a unifying force. A defender of knowledge and of empowered free thought. The artists also recognise her here as the protector. A guardian for the students living within accommodation space of ‘Livensa Living Diagonal Alto Barcelona’. It is there, on this block, where the mural is situated.

Art duo Pichiavo working on their giant Athena mural in Barcelona

Classical Meets Graffiti

But of course the classical world is not the only focus of Pichiavo’s work. This blends with the more urban environment of the world of graffiti. It’s a strange mix of early Greek or Roman alongside styles more naturally seen in the pages of Subway Art. It’s about bringing the symbols of the past into the modern day. To place a new meaning on them within a context so utterly different.

The mural from Pichiavo can be found on the student accomodation block of ‘Livensa Living Diagonal Alto Barcelona‘. It is located at ‘Carrer de Sant Mateu, Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona’. The project was a collaboration between Rebobinart and Temprano Capital Partners. You can read more about Pichiavo on Inspiring City here.

The completed mural by Pichiavo in Barcelona

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