Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada Amazon Murals in Madrid

Two new murals from Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada have appeared in Madrid. The new pieces feature themes of climate change and the fight of indigenous people to save their lands. Gerada choosing once again to use his art in order to draw attention to social issues and the rights of minorities.

The murals have in part been inspired by the United Nations sustainable development goals. Only last year he undertook similar projects in New York and Turin. His choice of topic this time really focuses on the Amazon. Indigenous people fulfill an important role in land management there yet they find their lands and lifestyles under threat.

Forest Focus a mural by Jorge Rodriguez Gerada in Madrid
Forest Focus in Madrid by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada
Past, Present and Future. A street art mural by Jorge Rodriguez Gerada in Madrid
‘Past. Present. Future’ mural by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada in Madrid

Forest Focus by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada in Madrid

The first mural shows a giant eye with the planet earth at it’s centre. Called Forest Focus’ it shows South America and the Amazon in it’s iris. The choice of an eye is intentional. It also references the eye symbol of the United Nations goal for climate action. Tha

According to Gerada Art. “Meat and dairy consumption in particular are the main factors for the destruction of the Amazon and the murdering of the indigenous people fighting there. Almost all the fires that are destroying the Amazon are due to intentional fires in order to have space for more cattle industries, or plant soy to feed the animals.”

Jorge Rodriguez Gerada painting his Forest Focus mural in Madrid
Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada painting his ‘Forest Focus’ mural in Madrid

Past, Present and Future

A portrait of Hilda Pérez called ‘Past, Present, Future’ is the next mural. Perez is a leader of the Indigenous Ashaninka Community located in Peru. Wearing a feather headdress, the colours represent each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Comprising less than 5% of the population it’s been suggested that indigenous people protect 80% of global biodiversity. Their contribution therefore is huge in terms of avoiding and revert climate change.

Portrait of Hilda Perez by Jorge Rodriguez Gerada in Madrid
Portrait of Hilda Perez by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada

The Madrid Murals by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada were curated by Stephen Donofrio for Greenpoint Earth Madrid 2019. All photographs used in this article for courtesy of Fer Alcala Pictures. Both were painted in the Occupational Center in Lineal City (​Centro Ocupacional Ciudad Lineal​).


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