Avant Garde Tudela Street Art Festival Planned for June 2020

Fresh out of lockdown and one of the first festivals of the year is happening in Spain. The ‘Avant Garde‘ festival takes place in Tudela, a town in the Navarre region. With a mind on social distancing all the murals will be open air. Measures will also be put in place to avoid large groups. Health measures and security protocols are still very much in place in the country as a result of Covid-19.

Curated by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada the Avant Garde Tudela festival is organised by Tudela-Cultura. Artists taking part are Miss Van, Mina Hamada and Jeff McCreight. Now in it’s seventh edition, the first took place in 2010. The town has seen plenty of top name artists visit as a result. The likes of Ron English, Mark Jenkins, El Mac, Faith 47 and Vhils have all taken part in the past.

Miss Van (France)

Miss Van started wall-painting in 1993 at the age of 20. Originally from Toulouse, France she has spent most of her artistic life in Barcelona. Miss Van has traveled the world painting her instantly recognizable women on the streets, as well as on canvas.

Miss Van will be painting at the Avant Garde Tudela festival in 2020
Miss Van

Mina Hamada (Japan)

Mina Hamada is a Japanese artist who has lived in Barcelona, Spain since 2009. Her artwork is focused on painting, installations and muralism. Mina has a style full of colour, rhythm and improvisation. Spreading good vibrations through her free and organic figures

Mina Hamada will be painting at the Avant Garde Tudela festival in 2020
Mina Hamada

Jeff McCreight ‘Ru8icon’ (USA)

Ru8icon is an American painter and muralist. He has been an active participant in the
Barcelona street art scene since 2014. Working independently and also participating in events
and festivals. He is an active studio painter working mostly with oil paint on canvas.

Ru8icon will be painting at the Avant Garde Tudela festival in 2020
Jeff McCreight ‘Ru8icon’
An interview with festival artist Ru8icon

Avant Garde Tudela is curated by Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada is organized by Tudela-Cultura (concejalía de cultura del Ayuntamiento de Tudela). It will take place from 8th to 14th of June.

Promotional Poster for the Avant Garde Festival in Tudela

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