Quarantine Workbook released to support communities in Lockdown

A Quarantine Workbook designed to ease the boredom of quarantine has been released by the Lisbon based arts platform, Mistaker Maker. Free for download it if full of creative content. Designed to keep cognitive skills up. It allows for a bit of fun and interaction between isolated communities hit hardest by stay at home orders.

Activities from the Quarantine Workbook
Some of the free activities in the downloadable workbook

Quarantine Workbook

Full of tasks from 40 contributing illustrators, writers and artists. The Quarantine Workbook has now been translated into multiple languages. Spreading fast across the globe, the reach now exceeds 68 countries. It’s not just online either. Over 18000 copies have been printed out and delivered to care homes and aged communities.

The Quarantine Workbook was developed by Lara Seixo Rodrigues. We’ve known her through her work with the Wool street art festival and LATA65. The festival in Covilha, Portgual launched back in 2011 and has seen a number of iterations. Not only focusing on the art on the walls but with a very strong community element too.

Quarantine Workbook from Mistaker Maker

LATA65 and NuArt

Her work with LATA65 is something we saw first hand last year at the Nuart Festival in Aberdeen. Known colloquially as the Graffiti Grannies. LATA is about empowering older people to pick up a spray can and experiment with newer art forms. Speaking about the project NuArt Director Martyn Reed said “Like Lara, we’d noticed the audience for Street Art was much broader than we imagined. We’d noticed a lot of pensioners were joining street art tours and attending openings. But hadn’t considered tailoring specific programs for them. It was Lara’s stroke of genius that pointed the way!”

NuArt are now teaming up with Lara again. The Quarantine Workbook is something, Martyn says that “we knew instantly that we had to get involved in. Sharing far and as wide as we could”.

To learn more about the Quarantine Workbook check out the facebook page here or that or Mistaker Maker here. Also have a look at the instagram page here. The workbook itself can be downloaded here.

Activities from the Quarantine Workbook
Activities from the Quarantine Workbook
The Quarantine Workbook from Nuart and Mistaker Maker


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