Enter Gallery comes to Bond Street in Brighton

Enter Gallery is the new name for Art Republic. The gallery space has been an iconic presence in Brighton’s Bond Street for over 20 years. Now following a rebranding it’s preparing to enter a new phase.

For Lawrence Alkin, the CEO of Enter Gallery, the choice was a logical one. The online and the gallery elements of the old Art Republic brand had long been run by different owners. Keeping the same names therefore just didn’t make sense.

Lawrence Alkin announces Enter Gallery

Enter Gallery CEO Lawrence Alkin announces the name change on the Art Related Noise podcast

Bricks and Clicks

It also comes back to the core about what Enter Gallery is all about. As Lawrence himself says it’s always been about “bricks and clicks”. That means it’s people through the door which is the heart of the gallery. People experiencing the art first hand. Art which now hangs in a much enlarged gallery space. It was, after all, only a few years ago that the gallery was majorly expanded.

Still all this is happening in a lockdown. For the average art fan therefore it’ll be a while until the gallery itself will open it’s doors. The issues caused by the Coronavirus have been a challenge for artists and galleries. It’s meant that new ways have had to be found to engage art buyers and the artists themselves.

The logo for Enter Gallery in Brighton

Brighton’s Enter Gallery

When the doors do open to the gallery it’ll still be much the same. A new name will be on the door but the staff, experience and artists will still be there. Though the ambitions do go further. According to Lawrence there is a real focus on becoming a BCorp. Promoting ethical business practice through a range of measures which include enhanced social and environmental sustainability.

Enter Gallery has become a Brighton institution over the past twenty years. It might have been known by a number of previous names, but it’s always been the same space. A space with the same standards. Building a reputation for not only discovering but for promoting and looking after artists as well as buyers. Enter Gallery is just waiting to open its doors.

The name change to Enter Gallery was announced to the galleries Art Related Noise podcast on 17 May 2020. The gallery can be found at 13 Bond Street in Brighton.

Enter Gallery is the new name for the gallery on 13 Bond Street in Brighton

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