Penge Street Art Paint Jam kicks off 2020 in London

It’s early in the new year and, in what has in recent years become a bit of a tradition. Penge in 2020 finds itself at the centre of the London street art scene. Home to our friends at London Calling Blog, they’ve been decorating the walls around the town for a number of years now

The first weekends in January aren’t generally prime painting time. It’s usually pretty cold, there’s a good chance of rain and it gets dark early. For London Calling though this isn’t about the conditions. This is about celebrating the anniversary of their blogging birthday which started five years ago this month. In blogging terms this is quite a milestone and we’ve been following them ever since.

Morgasmik by his piece on Anerley Hill part of the London Calling Blog paint jam in Penge

Certainly this is the first proper London paint jam of the year. Penge has taken street art to it’s heart in recent times and a wander around the town and its suburbs will reveal a multitude of pieces. This time artists from across London and Bristol came down to give it a fresh lick of paint for 2020.

In fact this might well be the most street artists ever to paint in Penge at one time. A true milestone if ever their was one to keep Penge street art fresh on the map. Let’s take a look at what’s new…

0707 – Instagram

New piece from 0707 in Secret Penge

Aero – Instagram

Aero octopus on Southey Street
Aero piece painted a few months prior in an alley off Penge High Street

Airborne Mark – Instagram

Airborne Mark work in Secret Penge

Read our interview with Mark from 2015.

Aspire – Instagram

A Tower of London Raven from Aspire in an alley off Penge High Street

Decolife – Instagram

Latest work from Decolife in the alley by the Crooked Billet pub

Read our interview with Deco from 2018.

Elno – Instagram

Elno art on Maple Road

Read our interview with Elno from 2016.

Hunto – Instagram

Hunto piece on Padua Road in Penge
Hunto piece in an alley on Anerley Hill

Read our feature with Hunto from 2013.

Irony – Instagram

Latest Irony piece on Parish Lane

To see more of Irony’s work have a look at this recent post featuring the work of the Upfest Summer Editions

Jane Mutiny – Instagram

Jane Mutiny Koala on a garage on Thornsett Place in Penge
The piece from Mutiny is around raising awareness of the #australianfires

To see more of Jane’s street art have a look at these posts showing her work in Brixton and Leeds.

JXC – Instagram

JXC piece in an alley on Anerley Hill

To see more posts featuring JXC have a look at these previous paint jams from 2017 and 2018.

Kid Crayon – Instagram

Kid Crayon in Secret Penge

Krom Bagelsky – Instagram

Krom Bagelsky in Secret Penge

Lost Souls – SPZero76 & Captain Kris

SpZero and Captain Kris from the Lost Souls crew collaborated on this epic Star Wars piece in Penge centre next to the Crooked Billet pub

For more posts from the Lost Souls have a look at this from 2013.

Morgasmik – Instagram

Morgasmik in Anerley Hill
Morgasmik on Anerley Hill

We last featured Morgandy’s work in 2017 with this article on the Hive in Dalston

Mr Cenz – Instagram

Mr Cenz work on Penge High Street next to the Sainsburys

Read our interview with Mr Cenz from 2017

Nathan Bowen – Instagram

The Queen with a pint from Nathan Bowen on the side of the brewery

She – Instagram

Piece from SHE on Padua Road with an earlier work from Irony peeping over the top

Toasone – Instagram

Toasone piece on hoardings on Maple Road

Wild Drawing – Instagram

Not strictly part of the paint jam but this piece on Parish Lane from Greek artist Wild Drawing was painted just a months before and far too good to leave out

Woskerski – Instagram

Woskerski piece can be found on Maple Road in Penge

Read our feature on Woskerski whilst painting at the Jealous Gallery in 2017

Penge was visited on 4, 5 and 12 January 2020. For more posts on the street of of Penge, take a look at this article from 2019 and this from 2018. Also have a look at this Street Art Guide to Penge from London Calling Blog.