Street Art fills the Streets of Penge

In the south of London there is a street art secret. A gem, not so hidden from view, yet far enough along the overground for many to miss it. It’s a place with possibly the highest concentration of street art outside of the East End in London. It’s Penge and who would have thought that it might well be the hottest place right now on the London street art scene.

Our pals at London Calling Blog are responsible. Showing us around on a drizzly weekend in February they’ve curated street art in the town for the past three years. In total the area now has 105 different pieces of street art. Some big and obvious, others smaller and hidden from obvious view.

Anything’s Better than a Blank Wall

Much of the work in Penge is from local artists. There are a healthy sprinkling of overseas visitors too. Some artists keep coming back. Artists such as Irony, Aspire, Airborne Mark and Artista are all well known on the London scene. The town of Penge has become a welcome canvas for their art.

The majority of the recent spate of artworks were created in January. Fast becoming an annual event of the calendar. The ‘Anything’s Better than a Blank Wall‘ paint jam was a spray paint filled celebration of London Calling’s blogging anniversary. It’s a heck of a way to mark the occasion.

A patchwork banana from Louis Masai is being stitched up by a bee

New Street Art in Penge

The art is all around the town. The last time we visited was the year before. Some of the pieces are the same, but many have changed. Standout works this time include a giant gorilla from Trafik Graphics and a boy peeking over a fence from Sr. X. They joined a multi-coloured banana from Louis Masai and an Indiana Jones from the ever impressive JXC.

Penge is indeed a hidden gem. The murals in the town are well curated and have certainly added to the curiosity of the town. As we walked, others would appear. Taking selfies and snapping the walls. The population seem to like the street art that’s for sure. But then, what’s not to like?

Penge’s Street Art was visited on 10 February 2019. Showing us around was Steve from London Calling Blog. The latest body of work was created as part of their ‘Anything’s Better Than a Blank Wall’ paint jam.


Over 20 artists painted a number of walls in the town, adding to the murals already on display. To see more articles on street art have a look at these on Shoreditch and Brick Lane. You can also read our top 10 best places to see street art in London.


  1. Hey man, what a lovely write up about what we and the artists have been doing around SE20, and from such a lovey day, absolutely flattered mate. Thank you for coming down and spreading the word..

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