The Top 10 Best Places to see Street Art in London

London is one of the World’s best places to see street art. Artists come from far and wide in order to paint its walls. Visitors come from miles to see the street art in London. The East End of London in particular has a renowned reputation. There are however other fantastic spots with some great art scenes in their own right.  Now, to make life a little easier, we’ve decided to put together this guide to the top 10 best places to see street art in the city.  It might not meet with everyone’s agreement. These things are of course subjective but one things for sure, they are all worth a visit.



The South Bank has long been a hub for London graffiti. Its skatepark in particular has taken on an iconic status over recent years. Plans to re-develop it at the expense of the skaters have met with fierce opposition. In itself the skate park is probably the most famous of London’s legal graffiti spots and the work will change here all the time. However it’s not just that which you need to look out for in the South Bank. Other works too from the likes of Stik, ROA and Phlegm can be found in the immediate area.

Stik mural on the South Bank

Stik mural on the South Bank


Brixton is growing and has seen a number of street festivals starting to take place with live street art at it’s core.  Wander round the streets close to the station and you’ll see works from Louis Masai, Jimmy C and Sweet Toof amongst others.  Other spots nearby include the Duke of Edinburgh pub on Ferndale Road, the Brixton Jamm and the legal graffiti spot known as the Stockwell Hall of Fame.  It’s a growing area and it’s only going to get better.  For a whistle stop tour of street art in Brixton, click on the link.



Follow the road from Shoreditch in the east to Cambridge Heath Road in the West and you’ll come across a whole road dotted with street art.  Art Under the Hood curate a couple of spots near to the Shoreditch end which provides a decent outlet for artists whilst further on, hoardings and walls are sporadically covered with works from many others with some real gems to be seen.  For a few more pictures of street art on Hackney Road click on the link.

This giant bee can be seen in a car park on Hackney Road, close to the Shoreditch end

This giant bee by Louis Masai and Jim Vision can be seen in a car park on Hackney Road.


Thanks to the efforts of the likes of Wood Street Walls trying to get Walthamstow on the map, it has developed a thriving seen over the past few years. The art is dotted around the area so any visit will involve walking a bit. There is however enough impressive work to make this more than worthwhile. The area around Wood Street in particular has much to see as does the area around Hoe Street. We’ve featured the growing Walthamstow seen now a couple of times here in 2016 and more recently here in 2017.

eelus walthamstow

Impressive piece from Eelus in Walthamstow.


The designated graffiti tunnel in the Old Vic tunnels underneath Waterloo station is a legal graffiti spot made famous as the location of Banksy’s CANS festivals as well as being the scene of the record breaking Femme Fierce All Female street art takeover.  Pop along at most times of the day and you’re bound to spot young writers learning their trade. You might also see more established artists just wanting a quick place to paint.  The art here doesn’t last long. It turns over all the time and the only rules are that their are no rules. It’s not a place to get precious about your latest artwork.  It is however a place to spot something new, every single day.

For some more recent pictures of the artwork of the Leake Street tunnel taken in January 2016 click here.

Leake Street, home to the Femm Fierce festival

Leake Street, home to the Femme Fierce festival


As the city moves further east and starts encroaching on the street art hubs of Shoreditch and Brick Lane, so too does the street art scene.  More and more artists are now heading up to the Wick. Attracted by it’s already bustling artistic population, the Wick has a trendy vibe. Its proximity to the Olympic Park also brings with it tourists and access.  Have a look around some at some of the best areas on Bream Street and Old Ford Lock on Fish Island. The lock by the Hertford Union Canal, the area around the Crate Brewery and the Hackney Wick train station are also popular.  For a tour of some of the best places to see street art in Hackney Wick click on the link.

For a more recent journey through the graffiti and street art of Hackney Wick have a look at this post from February 2016

The Lord Napier pub can be seen just outside the overground station and is often painted

The Lord Napier pub at the entrance to the Hackney Wick overground station.


Camden has changed so much but the street art has remained. Mainly thanks to the concerted efforts from agencies such as ‘The Real Art of Street Art’. When this post first came out in 2014 the Camden area thrived around the canal and the railway arches which overlooked it. There the street art sheds of Camden attracted artists from all over the world. Now the area has evolved and the spots are more dotted around. Dotted at points between Chalk Farm and Mornington Crescent tube stations. Street art can be seen at a number of locations.

For some of the best posts on the street art of the Camden area have a look at this post on the Ferdinand Estate street art and this quick street art tour of Camden

The street art sheds of Camden are really worth a look. Here French artist Zabou has just completed hers

The street art sheds of Camden are really worth a look. Here French artist Zabou has just completed hers


One of the most original street art based projects in the World and the subject of the highly acclaimed ‘Street Art, Fine Art‘ book.  The Dulwich Outdoor Gallery takes it’s inspiration from works hanging in the much older Dulwich Picture Gallery and has attracted artists from all over the World.  From an idea by Ingrid Beazley and with help from Stik and Street Art London, the gallery has grown and grown with substantial works by new artists added all the time.

Dulwich boasts some great work around the whole area such as this one from Stik

Dulwich boasts some great work around the whole area such as this one from Stik


A vibrant place to be at the best of times. Shoreditch is a great place to spot street art with hubs centred around the Redchurch Street, Leonard Street/Old Street and Rivington Street/Curtain Road areas. It attracts the best artists and boasts a vibrant local street art scene.  Potter around at most times of day particularly in the summer and you are bound to see something going on.   For a free Street Art tour of Shoreditch just click on the link.

Artist AR painting in Shoreditch during the 'Meeting of Styles' festival

Artist AR painting in Shoreditch during the ‘Meeting of Styles’ festival


The epicentre of street art in the UK! Brick Lane is where it is at when it comes to London Street Art. From Whitechapel in the south to Bethnal Green and Shoreditch in the north. The lane has played host to many communities over the years and the artistic one is just the latest.  With hubs around the old Seven Stars Car Park, Hanbury Street, The Old Truman Brewery, Pedley Street, Cheshire Street, Scalter Street and the Nomadic Community Gardens there are so many great spots to visit.

What’s more I’ve even written A Street Art tour of Brick Lane for you to download or even check out this photographic tour of Brick Lane.

A local character on Pedley Street one of the tributaries off Brick Lane. The work is by Swedish artist Amara Por Dios and the photograph from Lewis Phillips

A local character on Pedley Street one of the tributaries off Brick Lane. The work is by Swedish artist Amara Por Dios and the photograph from Lewis Phillips

For a map of all the locations, have a look here and for some other honorary mentions you might want to have a look around the south London areas of Brockley, Croydon and Penge all of which are really starting to grow their scenes.

For other more established areas to see street art in london, where work may happen on a less frequent basis. Have a look at the areas around Chrisp Street, Petticoat Lane Market and Whitecross Street there was a time when these areas were more thriving than they are now but they all still has some good stuff to see.

Thanks for reading and if you’ve any ideas about what we can cover or if you want to get in contact with us, just fill out the form below. Also if we’ve missed any good places to see Street Art in London just let us know. This post was updated on 28 August 2017 to include Walthamstow in the Top 10.