Mexican Street Artist Sune Nesu visits London

From the Coacalco district of Mexico, Sune Nesu is an artist inspired by the fantastical creatures of the region. Painting bright coloured combinations of different types of birds and animals. His street art internationally is very much a homage to his home area.

Known as Alebrije’s these are colourful symbols of Mexico. A rabbit with the wings of a bird, a lizard with the body of a fish or a cat with the body of a snail. They can be seen in parades and in gift shops. Imaginary creatures which could very well live in some parallel land.

Sune Nesu painting in Camden
Sune Nesu painting in Camden

For Sune Nesu these are creatures which he has now been exporting around the world. His visit to London is the second leg of a tour which has already seen him paint in Portugal. Last year he visited Europe for the first time touring France and Belgium. He’s also painted in New York and of course South America.

His trip to London saw him paint three walls. Placing his creation in Camden, Penge and Shoreditch. With a backdrop of bright blue filled with oranges, greens and pinks. They are quite a contrast to the busy streets of the city.

Sune Nesu – London Murals


‘Coco Dragon with Fish’ a mural from Sune Nesu in Camden with support from Monoprixx


‘Beetle’ a mural from Sune Nesu in Penge with support from London Calling Blog


‘Armadillo’ a mural from Sune Nesu in Shoreditch with support from Global Street Art

International Murals

Giant wall in Fefe, Portugal. Painted in March 2019
Sune Nesu mural in New York painted in December 2018
Sune Nesu mural at ‘Street Art City’ in France. Painted in September 2018
Sunu Nesu mural in Antwerp, Belgium. Painted in September 2018

Sune Nesu is a street artist from Mexico. He visited between 31 March 2019 and 7 April 2019 and painted three walls in London with support from ourselves at Inspiring City, Monoprixx, Global Street Art and London Calling Blog. You can read more about his art and inspirations in this interview with ‘Schooled by Paper‘.For another post featuring Mexican street artists in London have a look here.

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