Alice Skinner Murals celebrating Women appear in Shoreditch and Brighton

Two murals from illustrator Alice Skinner have appeared on walls in Shoreditch and Brighton. A first foray into street art for the artist, the murals have been part of a joint venture with Benefits Cosmetics in order to celebrate female empowerment.

Part of a collaborative effort, women from across the country were invited to come down and help Alice create the works. The central theme of the murals is that when women come together, great things can happen. Many of the stars and the hidden little details in the murals have been added by those people who came along to help finish them.

alice skinner brighton
Alice Skinner mural on the Lanes in Brighton

Situated on Chance Street in Shoreditch and Trafalgar Lane in Brighton, both are at the heart of their adoptive cities street art scenes. Set against pink backdrops both murals have as their central image women showing solidarity with each other. The women sit underneath a banner with the word ‘Together’ written onto it.

Speaking to Hunger Magazine, Alice explained her thinking behind how people could experience and interact with the art. “What’s super exciting about this is that it is a collaborative effort between myself and the public.” she told them. “I’ve worked with a team of street artists on the mural, and the public in London and Brighton are encouraged to come along to finish the piece! This will make for a unique, immersive and memorable experience and I hope that women will leave feeling inspired and empowered.”

alice skinner london
Alice Skinner ‘Together’ Mural on Chance Street in London

“It means doing and being who I want, without my gender holding me back” she told Hunger Magazine when asked what being an empowered woman meant to her. “I truly believe this is the most exciting time to be a woman. Sometimes really bad stuff has to happen for true change to occur and I believe that the world is changing for some women in a post me-too world. There is a true feeling of relief that things are shifting and that definitely fuels empowerment. I think it’s important to note that empowerment comes from a position of privilege though and what is empowering for one woman can greatly differ to another.”

The murals were painted on Chance Street in London and Trafalgar Lane in Brighton and at the time of writing were still visible. The murals were created as part of a campaign by Benefits Cosmetics. Alice’s instagram can be found here.


Alice Skinner Together Brighton
A model poses by the mural in Brighton which is a hand holding up a mirror
alice skinner brighton
Together in Brighton
alice skinner brighton
The hand holding up the mirror in Brighton
alice skinner london
The Together mural on Chance Street in Shoreditch
alice skinner london
Female empowerment is the central theme of the murals by Alice Skinner

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