Where to find Street Art and Graffiti in Sheffield

Sheffield is a city with a strong tradition in street art and graffiti. It boasts some of the countries most popular urban artists. The likes of Phlegm, Kid Acne, Mila K and Faunagraphic all come from the city and indeed can be found all over its walls.

The city is kind of tailor made for artists. It has a proud industrial past. The remnants of which can be seen in the many once proud buildings which are now left abandoned and decaying. These spots are ideal for writers of course and any street artists wanting an urban canvas to play on will not be disappointed.

sheffield street art kid acne
Work from Sheffield artist Kid Acne can be seen all over the city. This piece is on Burton Street

So too the city is thriving! The success of the Universities have given it a young vibrant feel and in many areas there has been investment. Wandering around I came away thinking that the city is only just beginning to tap into its potential.

There are many spots to see street art and graffiti in the city! The majority in and around warehouses, car parks and semi-permanent hoardings on the streets. There are a number of bigger permanent murals too. On the sides of pubs and generally within the city there are a number of nice pieces and they are spread out too.

sheffield street art phlegm
Sheffield’s popular Phlegm has work all over the city. This piece is at the back of the former ‘Rare & Racy’ store

So here is our guide to the best places to see street art and graffiti in Sheffield. We are indebted to our friend Jask who really helped with some solid pointers as to where to go and what to see.

Boyland Street & Burton Street – Neepsend

Towards the northern edge of the city. The industrialised area around Boyland and Burton Streets has certainly seen better days. Now the area plays host to a number of sorry looking warehouses, long since abandoned but prime retail space for urban art nonetheless. The area around the skate park on Boyland Street in particular being a good place to see things and to have a wander round. Just behind the skate park, an abandoned factory sits empty with graff covered lorries sitting rusting outside. Whilst opposite an old brewery dominates with stencils on the walls but when we visited at least, well and truly locked up.

sheffield street art
A piece from Phlegm outside the entrance to the skate park at the beginning of Boyland Street
sheffield street art
Impactful tribute on Burton Street from MACE

Brownell Street & Ellis Street

An area of ever changing boards, Brownell Street is one of the core places for graffiti writers in particular in the city. Situated at the heart of a student neighbourhood, the area has had a bit of a revitalization over the years due to the investment brought in by the university. Still however, the old warehouses from the areas industrial heyday remain. You can see a number of them around Ellis Street where, if you sneak a peek inside any of the many broken windows you are bound to see works hidden amongst the grime.

Sylvester Street & Eyre Lant

Close to the centre, the area around Sylvester Street and Eyre Lane has a variety of pieces to see. The car park in particular is the hub with a mixture of mid-size works and graffiti pieces which cover an old warehouse by the river. Along the banks can be seen more graffiti although at the time of writing it was all fenced off. The streets around including Eyre Lane, Newton Street and Arundel Street are also worth a wander with art to be seen around most corners.

sheffield street art
Mural from Foundry Art & Pawski on Arundel Street

Milton Street

Car Parks are popular spots for street art and graffiti in Sheffield and Milton Street boasts another. There’s a graffiti wall and a large Kid Acne piece to see in the car park itself as well as a number of smaller pieces in the streets nearby.

sheffield street art kid acne
‘That’s the Spirit’ phrases from Kid Acne can be seen all over the city

Wellington Street, Trafalgar Street & Devonshire Street

Nearer the centre of the city, the streets around the joining of Wellington and Trafalgar Streets have a number of pieces to see. A mixture of graffiti on boards surrounding some of the car parks and larger street pieces can be seen. Meanwhile just a few streets away Devonshire Street boasts an older Phlegm mural at the back of the former ‘Rare & Racy‘ store. Explore the streets around here and you are bound to come across more.

sheffield street art milak
Graffiti boards along Trafalgar Street with work from Mila K

Ripon Street Tramsheds

A little further outside of the town at the top of the nondescript Ripon Street are some old derelict tramsheds. Accessible through a unkempt hole in the fence at the top of the street they are hidden behind undergrowth amidst a large tract of unkept land. Inside, the walls are full with street art and graffiti. It’s a bit of a painters paradise for sure if slightly intimidating to wander around.

sheffield street art mars
Epic piece in the Tramsheds from MARS, MACE and Rob Bates
street art sheffield jask
Character from Sheffield artist Jask peeking out in the Ripon Street Tramsheds

We visited Sheffield on 24 September 2018 and all photos and information was correct as of that point. As before, we were indebted to Jask for his help in identifying some of the best areas. To see more posts about street art in the UK have a look at these from Bristol, London, Shoreditch, Brighton and Brick Lane


  1. Some great photos here. Sheffield’s street art scene continues to develop. For example, new works have started appearing along the canal over the last year.

    By the way, I run Street Art Sheffield (https://streetartsheffield.com) which has been documenting the city’s ever changing street art for over five years.

    1. Hi Andy thanks very much. Sheffield is a great city would love to get back at some point. Thanks for sharing the site, it’s a great resource 🙂

      1. Sheffield is definitely worth a second visit, once we’re out of lockdown. Apart from the great street art we’ve got a fantastic foodie and drink scene to enjoy too (as long as it survives the current situation). 👍

      2. When this is over would love to get back up there. Would be good to meet up and have a wander 🙂

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