Street art in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and where to find it

Manchester’s Northern Quarter has received a makeover as street artists from around the World descended on the city to take part in the Cities of Hope festival.

The area was already a good little spot to see street art in the city but since Cities of Hope, a number of giant murals have appeared which would rival some of the best in the country. What’s more they are all only within a few minutes walk from Piccadilly station.

The festival sought to transform an area of the city by creating art which would focus on some key global issues.  The artists were then asked to create murals which were inspired by those issues which ranged from environmental issues to world conflict and the tragedy of child soldiers.  We’ll cover more about this in a separate post.

chekos art david lynch mural manchester

Giant mural from Faith47 part of the Cities of Hope festival

Artists such Argentina’s Hyuro, South Africa’s Faith 47, Spain’s Pichiavo, the UK’s Phlegm and Dale Grimshaw, Norway’s Martin Whatson, France’s C215, Switzerland’s Never Crew, and Germany’s Case were all invited to take part.  The works would join pieces from the likes of Mateus Bailon, Tankpetrol and the Nomad Clan who already had pieces in the area.

So anyway, this post features some of the work created for Cities of Hope as well as some of the pieces created beforehand and not only that we’ll tell you where to find them too. A good wander around the Northern Quarter should take around two hours and it’s only a short walk from the station so below are some of the streets you should visit and the art that’s there at the moment.

Back Piccadilly

duber back piccadilly manchester

C215 drew a number of cats around the area

c215 back piccadilly manchester


tankpetrol back piccadilly manchester

Tank Petrol

Little Lever Street

manchester duber little lever street manchester


Nightingale Street


Another cute C215 cat

Port Street

invader china lane manchester

Giant blue tit on the side of a building

newton street bluetit manchester

Nomad Clan mural

bluetit port street manchester

Nomad Clan close up

cbloxx tariff street manchester

Pichiavo from Spain at the top end of Port Street

opposite sam's yard manchester

This mural from Chekos is hidden away in the car park between Port Street and the canal

Tariff street

nomad clan port street manchester

C215 on tariff street

c215 tariff street manchester

Never Crew on Tariff Street

Gun Street

faith 47 manchester

Mural from Qubek on the side of Manchester Creative Studio

duber manchester gun street

Giant bird from Mateus Bailon from Brazil

Addington Street

bailon manchester gun street

Alex Void mural on Addington Street

Cable Street

addington street manchester

Work from Case on the side of Swan Buildings


Work from Phlegm on the other side of Swan Buildings

phlegm cable street swan buildings

Close up of Phlegm’s work

Tib Street


A cute but old little invader piece on the junction with Dorsey Street

invader dorsey street manchester

Work from Italian artist Giusi Tomasello

giusi tomasello tib street manchester

Prince tribute from Akse

Edge Street

stina jones tib street manchester

Edge Street

Brightwell Walk

brightwell walk manchester

Hyuro and Tankpetrol in the Brightwell Walk car park

tank petrol brightwell walk


alice pasquini edge street manchester


Spear Street

tankpetrol spear street manchester


tankpetrol spear street manchester




tankpetrol spear street manchester faraday street


spzero76 hilton street manchester faraday street

Inkie on the junction between Hilton and Spear Street

brightwell walk manchester tankpetrol


spear street manchester tankpetrol


spear street manchester warwick street



Dale Grimshaw

Faraday Street

dale grimshaw spear street manchester

Martin Whatson

faraday street martin whatson manchester

An old invader by the looks of it

faraday street invasder manchester


faraday street c215 manchester




c215 faraday street manchester




Hilton street

akse hilton street manchester faraday street


c215 manchester faraday street

Bowie tribute from Akse

Great Ancoat’s Street


Faith 47 on a warehouse where the canal meets Great Ancoat’s Street

faith 47 manchester

Reflection in the canal

chekos art david lynch mural manchester

Close up of the work from Faith 47

The Northern Quarter of Manchester was visited on the afternoon on 10 June 2016 and all pictures were taken on the same day.  The Cities of Hope festival happened between 21-29 May 2016.  To explore the street art of other cities in the UK click on the links to take a look at the art of Sheffield, Bristol, Brighton and London.