Where to find Street Art and Graffiti in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle

The Baltic Triangle in Liverpool is the cities growing cultural hub. Walk around the streets and you are likely to find the odd cool cafe and eatery alongside the graffiti and street art which is popping up around the area.

It’s not an area yet which is heaving with art but you can see the change. Liverpool is being developed and it’s a vibrant city. The Baltic Triangle, within a 15 minute walk from the centre, is the city’s Shoreditch. It’s a lazy comparison but it has the same features, on the edge of town and with an industrial past which creatives have found themselves moving into.

The triangle is the area between Liver Street in the north and bounded by St. James Street to the east, Wapping and Sefton Street to the west and Parliament Street to the south. The area was and is known for its warehouses, it’s past connected to the docks of the city. The name possibly a connection to its trade with the Scandinavian countries around the Baltic Sea.

wings liverpool

Wings on Jamaica Street

And it’s here where, with the exception of a couple of other spots, you are most likely to find graffiti and street art in Liverpool. There’s a skate park which is always good for spotting graffiti and then dotted around the criss crossing streets of the area graffiti and street art dotted around.

So anyway we thought we’d visit Liverpool for ourselves and have a wander around. So here it is, our guide to the street art of Liverpool and where to find it. Starting off with some of the streets around the Baltic Triangle and then a few a little bit further afield.

Street Art and Graffiti in The Baltic Triangle

Jamaica Street

Running from the junction with St. James Street in the north to the A562 in the south. Jamaica Street cuts through the triangle and is the main street in the area off which most other streets run from.

jamaica street liverpool irony

A piece from the ever impressive Irony on Jamaica Street in Liverpool

jamaica street liverpool ssosva

Pieces from Silent Bill from the Liverpool based Secret Society of Super Villain Artists

jamaica street new bird skatepark liverpool

The skatepark on Jamaica Street is a great spot for graffiti

New Bird Street

Running from Flint Street in the east to St. James Street in the west. New Bird Street crosses Jamaica Street and it’s junction is the location of the skate park.

dotmasters new bird street

We timed our visit well to Liverpool as Dotmasters had also been visiting within the previous few days and throwing up a number of his ‘rude kids’ stencils. This one was found on New Bird Street

new bird Street liverpool

A bit of overgrown graffiti on New Bird Street

Flint Street

Running from the foot of New Bird Street to Brick Street. Flint Street covers only a small area but we saw a couple of good pieces

flint street liverpool (new new bird street)

An old work on Flint Street at the junction with New Bird Street

ssosva  flint street (near new bird street lower end)

A collaboration between Silent Bill and Silent Belle on Flint Street

Newhall Street

Running off from Greenland Street,  Newhall Street has been gaining bits of street art over the past few years. It’s also the location of the Liverpool Life Sciences Studio and the Observatory.

newhall street liverpool

Street art on Newhall Street

newhall street liverpool

Piece on the side of the Observatory on Newhall Street

Watkinson Street

More of a back alley than a street, Watkinson Street leads from Simpson Street westwards towards Wapping. There’s a few little pieces to be seen dotted around.

watkinson street liverpool

Cool piece etched onto a metal door on Watkinson Street

watkinson street liverpool john d'oh

Cheeky piece from John D’oh mimicking a piece from Banksy

Street Art and Graffiti elsewhere in Liverpool

Although the Baltic Triangle seems to be the most up and coming area of Liverpool to see street art and graffiti. There are a few other streets nearby which are worth a visit.

Stanhope Street / Grafton Street

Pretty close and to be honest this might as well form part of the Baltic Triangle itself. Stanhope Street is the location of the grand former Daniel Higson Building. Street art can be found in the car park and on the walls on Grafton Street.

stanhope street liverpool

Work on the back wall of the car park

stanhope street car park liverpool

Piece from Jason Hollis overlooking the car park

Slater Street / Parr Street / Seel Street

seel street

A piece from a wider mural on the wall of the Seel Street car part

slater street liverpool

Graffiti on a building on Slater Street

Oldham Place

Oldham Place is the home of Zap Graffiti nestled half way down the cobbled street it hosts graffiti workshops and has an impressive yard around the back with a number of decent pieces.

oldham place

The entrance to Oldham Place

oldham place

The yard of Zap Graffiti on Oldham Place

oldham place banksy

What is very possibly the remnants of a Banksy on Oldham Place

The street art and graffiti of Liverpool and the Baltic Triangle was visited on 10 February 2018 and all photos were taken on that day.