Interactive Venom Mural appears in Shoreditch

A new interactive mural featuring the Marvel anti-hero Venom has appeared on the side of a building in Redchurch Street, Shoreditch.

Created by popular street artist INSA. The artist is known for his experiments with augmented reality and using modern technology to bring street art to life. His latest mural, promoting the digital releases of the Venom movie takes that technology one step further.

The Venom Mural from INSA created on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch


Called GIF-ITI the term was coined by INSA himself whose mural animates when looked at through a smartphone. Created over five days, the piece shows the transformation of the Venom character. Starting out as Eddie Brock the character played by Tom Hardy. It then morphs into Venom through a series of rapid images. The mural essentially turns into an animated GIF.


It’s not the first time INSA has experimented in such a way with his art. He’s created animated murals in the same location before as well as in areas such as Brockley where an older work can still be seen. The trend of combining street art with phone technology has also been experimented with by others. A recent show from Fanakapan in London combined his art with the augmented reality skills of Sheffield artist Jask to bring his canvases to life in the gallery.

In France meanwhile, the artists Leon Keer and Massina recently combined to create a giant mural as part of the Vibrations Urbaine Festival in Pessac. Showing the interior of an old 70’s style living room. It was painted in an anamorphic style which was then combined with augmented reality in order to bring the image to life for passers by.


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Still in it’s infancy artists are continuing to experiment with different ways of making their work engaging. Whether known as augmented reality or GIF-ITI. The technology to bring street murals to life brings a range of exciting new possibilities for street artists. INSA is certainly at the forefront of this trend!

The Venom mural was created in Shoreditch from 24-28th January 2019 by the street artist INSA. It is part of a campaign to promote the launch of the digital versions of the Venom movie from Sony Pictures. The mural was positioned on the corner of Redchurch Street and Ebor Street. The movie was released on dvd and blu-ray from 4 February 2019.

The completed mural from INSA. Looked at through a viewfinder, the mural transforms from Eddie Brock into the anti-hero, Venom


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