Augmented Reality Street Art from Leon Keer in Pessac

Dutch artist Leon Keer is known for his incredible anamorphic murals. When viewed from a certain angle they blend into the environment they are painted into. Now, painting with Massina, in France. He has taken the anamorphic concept and used augmented reality as a means to bring the art even more to life.

Painted as part of the Vibrations Urbaines festival in Pessac. The mural shows the interior of a room painted onto the side of a large building. The room itself is painted in an anamorphic style so look from a certain angle and it looks 3D. Grab your phone and look through the lens. Then you can interact with the art in a wholly different way.

Leon Keer and Massina's 3D mural using augmented reality
The mural from Leon Keer in Pessac, France combines anamorphic design with augmented reality

Bringing the Painting to Life

You’ll need an app to do it and you can download the Leon Keer app here. The augmented reality brings the painting to life. The TV switches on and the fan starts to whirr. Suddenly the mural takes on a whole new dimension and allows anyone passing to really explore the work.

As an artform in itself augmented reality is something which a number of artists have started to experiment with. INSA has created a number of pieces over the years including at least two in London. Whilst more recently Fanakapan included the concept as a key element of his latest solo exhibition in London. Partnering with fellow artist JASK, the work could be explored. Characters popping out of the canvas and into the gallery.

For this work Keer partnered with Massina to created the mural. Then with Joost Spek from 3Dpicnic who created the augmented reality part of the image. The mural itself is called ‘Once Upon a Time’. It is a recreation of a 70’s living room. Complete with flowery wallpaper with an old wooden telly, a clock and a chair. Check out the quick youtube video below to see how it all works.

3D mural with AR by Leon Keer in France
Leon Keer mural in Pessac, France
Leon Keer mural painted as part of the Vibrations Urbaine Festival in Pessac

To see the mural you will need to download the Leon Keer app which can be accessed from itunes here and Android here. The mural was painted as part of the Vibrations Urbaine Festival in Pessac, France on 8 November 2018.

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