Danish Artist ‘No Title’ Creates Mural Series in London

Danish artist ‘No Title‘ has created a new series of works on the streets of London. His striking, mainly black and white symmetrical designs, tend to focus on the human form. That’s certainly the direction he’s taken on this latest visit.

Mostly known for his work in Denmark he is a regular visitor to the city. This time the artist has painted walls in Shoreditch, Stockwell and Mile End. Alongside the creation of a series of smaller ‘paste up’ pieces, it’s led to a greater range and exposure in his work. “I enjoy the sprawling street art scene with the mix of different styles” he tells me.

Mural by ‘No Title’ in Stockwell with support from London Calling Blog

Street Art in London

“The works I did in London this spring were created within a common idea” says No Title. “It started as a curiosity towards visualizing different types of abstract thought patterns and moved into themes of isolation or interaction with the minds of other individuals. I am interested in the tension between our inner worlds as individual human beings and our connections to others”.

Sketching the work digitally prior to creating his art of the streets. He tells me how he spends a lot of time in front of a screen experimenting with different variants of an image. All this prior to settling on an idea. Removing what he perceives as unnecessary details he eventually settles on the what he describes as “the simplest possible expression.”

Danish artist ‘No Title’ creating one of his latest pieces on the side of the Foundry building in Shoreditch

“In my works in general I want to instill a feeling or initiate a thought process rather than transfer a particular message” he explains. Purposely working and reworking the art, his intention is that they vibrate between different meanings. The result being a series of abstract creations which passers by can draw their own conclusions from .

‘No Title’ visited London in April 2019 and painted walls in Shoreditch, Stockwell and Mile End. He was supported by our friends at Global Street Art and London Calling Blog. All pictures are courtesy of the artist. You can check out No Title’s instagram feed here.

No Title Street Art in London

No Title’s completed work in Mile End

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