A Quick Street Art Tour of Camden Town

Camden is one of the best spots to see street art in the City of London.  It’s a place that we return back to again and again. Taking a tour of the street art of Camden doesn’t take long either.

Once the street art in Camden was centered around the area of the canal. The arches of the railway which intersected what was once a busy and bustling market were also popular. No longer. That area soon found itself in the midst of a major re-development. The canal side of Camden is now transformed.

fabio lopes camden
HIdden away on one of the railway arches, this piece from Fabio Lopes. It used to be a bustling market but is now in the midst of redevelopment

We’ve covered the changing face of Camden over the years. Watching as it slowly morphed into one of the must see street art spots.  The organisation with most to thank for the transformation being our friends at ‘The Real Art of Street Art’. They find most the spots. They also have the relationships in the local area to ensure that street art is embraced.

But it’s a busy and bustling place. Sometimes it can be quite a feat just to get out of the underground station.  The crowds, especially at a weekend, can be full. Indeed the sheer throng of people can make searching out street art not entirely easy.

himbad marina zumi camden
Collaboration between local artist Himbad and Argentina’s Marina Zumi on Hawley Mews a place of ever changing artworks

So for this post we thought we’d give you a quick ‘pocket guide’. A brief tour of the best places to spot street art in Camden.  This is only whistle stop so give yourself between 30 mins to 1 hour complete.

A Quick Street Art Tour of Camden

Start – Camden Underground Station to Stucley Place

When you come out of the station walk around the corner onto Kentish Town Road. Then walk down for a minute or so.  You will soon come to spots on either side of the road. Just before the entrance to a Sainsbury’s depot where street art can be seen yet which often will change.  After a short walk take the left hand turn onto Buck Street. Then turn right onto Stucley Place. There will be some good works of art to see and you’re not even 5 minutes walk from the station.

gnasher camden
Works from xxx and Gnasher just round the corner from Camden tube station on Kentish Town Road
lost souls camden
Pieces from the Lost Souls with other artists on Kentish Town Road
fabio lopes camden
Fabio Lopes colourful piece on Buck Street
ali hamish camden
Ali Hamish work on Stucley Place

Stucley Place to Castlehaven Road

At the end of Stucley Place, turn right onto Hawley Crescent. Then left back onto Kentish Town Road. Head over the canal and under the railway bridge. Notice the little bits of street art that you might see along the way.  When you get to Hawley Road, turn left and watch out for some cool pieces on the right hand side in Bradfield Court.  At the end of Hawley Road turn left at the junction of Castlehaven Road.

jamestown Road camden
Oliver Switch owls overlooking the junction with Hawley Crescent and Camden High Street
trust icon camden
Piece by Trust Icon just beyond the railway arch
irony camden
Flaming aerosol can from Irony on Hawley Road

Castlehaven Road to Hartland Road

Walk back towards Camden Market along Castlehaven Road. Have a look our for street art that may be on the underside of the bridge. As you approach the junction with Chalk Farm Road you will see the famous ‘Camden Town’ bridge. There you should turn right and walk a few moments until you come to Hawley Street on the right.  Once there head down the little alley at the back of some houses known as Hawley Mews. There is a load of great art to be seen.  At the end of the alley is Hartland Road and the street art will be immediately visible.

mr birdseed Onesto camden
Works from Mr Birdseed and Onesto on the underside of the railway bridge on Castlehaven Road
dale grimshaw camden
Dale Grimshaw piece on the junction of Castlehaven Road and Chalk Farm Road
otto schade camden
Otto Schade tribute to Amy Winehouse on Hawley Street
alice pasquini camden
Alice Pasquini girl and leopard on Hawley Mews
frankie strand camden
Crocodiles and Flamingos by Frankie Strand on Hartland Road

Finish – Hartland Road to Chalk Farm Underground station

So that’s it, literally just a whistle stop tour of some of the easier spots to see in Camden. At the Junction of Hartland Road and Chalk Farm Road you have a couple of choices.  Either turn left to go back into Camden and get the tube there. Or you can turn right and head towards the underground station at Chalk Farm.  Given that Camden Town station is often closed and ‘exit only’ it’s probably easier to go to Chalk Farm which will take about 10 minutes to walk towards.

Camden Town was visited on Saturday 9 July 2016. This post follows on from a series of Inspiring City articles on the ever changing street art of Camden.

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