Photos from the Whitecross Street party 2016 as the street artists and musicians take over

It’s one of the best and friendliest festivals of the year and one that we keep coming back to here on Inspiring City, not least because it’s also held on one of the coolest streets in London.

Musicians, street artists, food merchants and dancers all combine with the public to make for a great atmosphere.  Given the fact that this years festival also happened on one of the hottest days of the year, it had a little bit extra of the party atmosphere about it.

We’ve been covering the event for the past four years now and the format is essentially the same.  The street segments with different types of music and assigned artists whilst the food stalls mix in between.  The adjoining streets are then utilised as stages in front of which people can hang around and enjoy the environment.

So with posts like this it’s always about the photos, so here we have some of the images from the Whitecross Street Party 2016.

Whitecross Street Party 2016

whitecross 2016
‘Fear of Fluffing’ one of the bands on show at the street party
whitecross 2016
The band combined performance art with music
whitecross 2016
People sitting on bails of hay watching one of the stages
whitecross 2016
Carnival atmosphere
lips choir whitecross 2016
The Lips Choir performing in the street
whitecross 2016
Notting Hill style carnival dancing
whitecross 2016
Another ones of the bands on show
whitecross 2016
A tailors dummy covered with veg
whitecross 2016
Kids dancing in the street

Street Art from the Whitecross Street Party

mondi whitecross 2016
whitecross theresa may 2016
Great portrait of new prime minister Theresa May from Oliver Switch
mutiny whitecross 2016
Jane Mutiny
zabou whitecross
whitecross street 2016 airborne mark
Airborne Mark
airborne mark whitecross 2016
Airborne Mark
idiom whitecross street 2016
benjamin murphy whitecross 2016
Ben Murphy
whitecross 2016
616 whitecross 2016
yvonne wayling whitecross 2016
Yvonne Wayling
stedhead whitecross 2016
stedhead whitecross 2016
teddy baden whitecross 2016
Teddy Baden
whitecross 2016
Ant Carver
fetch whitecross 2016
whitecross 2016
Mikey Brain
whitecross 2016
whitecross 2016
‘Street Art Atlas’ documenting

And there’s a few other artists we saw but not sure who they are yet so drop me a line if you know who is who and I will update

whitecross 2016
3D art from this artist
whitecross 2016
Paste ups
whitecross 2016
Sketch artist
whitecross street 2016

The Whitecross Street Party was held on Saturday 16 July 2016.  Inspiring City has covered a number of previous events on the street and you can check out events from previous years here – 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019


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