Whitecross Street Party 2018 celebrates 100 years of suffrage

The annual Whitecross Street Party returned for 2018 with an action packed day full of live street art, food, music, spoken word poetry, street fitness and a whole host of kids activities.

Hosted and arranged for the first time by the Curious Duke Gallery the atmosphere of the event certainly seemed to be more relaxed from previous outings with a lot of the more extreme quirkiness gone in favour of a more family friendly feel.

whitecross street party
The giant inflatable octopus from the Whitecross Street Party

A giant inflatable octopus waving it’s tentacles at passers-by from the top of one of the nearby buildings was one of the stars of the show. A mainstay of previous years, the octopus hadn’t been seen for a while but here it was back again. It joined stages full of music, dance and poetry as the likes of the London Symphony Choir led an impressive array of entertainment options with many of the acts coming from local schools and youth groups.


Out of everything though it is the street art that really appeals to us here on Inspiring City and this time the artists had been given a theme! Given that it was a hundred years since some women were given the vote in 1918, that theme was a celebration of the anniversary and many of the artists took up the challenge.

Goya Torrees whitecross
Mexican artist Goya Torres live painting at the Whitecross Street Party


A real mainstay of the event, the party just wouldn’t be the same without street art. This year artists such as Jerome Davenport, Inkie and Hannah Adamaszek also managed to create street pieces to be displayed prior to the day! The intention being to decorate the street beforehand so that on the day itself art was already looking down.

Another artist who had been busy was Andrea Tyrimos. A fine artist she can still often be found painting on the street. This time painting a couple of pillars with a pattern of exotic flowers she had already been creating the pieces for the week leading up to the party, only adding the final touches on the day itself. Her piece will be the only permanent addition to the street following the party.

Andrea Tyrimos whitecross
Andrea Tyrimos painting the pillars of a social housing block. The only permanent street piece from the 2018 festival

Those works were joined by street artists from across the London scene adding their mark to the day. The art created is also an eclectic mix, from Airborne Mark’s origami moth to a stylised recreation of Emily Davison being hit by the kings horse from Vanessa Longchamp the art had this and all sorts in between.

The Whitecross Street Party was held on Sunday 15 July and was hosted by the Curious Duke Gallery. You can read about previous events on the Inspiring City Archives by clicking here.

Whitecross Street Party Gallery

Street Art

Bristol artist Cheba with his trademark night sky
Detail of the Cheba piece
Roo in action on Whitecross Street
Roo’s elephant is symbolic of the strength of women. The elephant is part of a chain, it’s tail coiled around another elephant at the back symbolising togetherness
Artista live painting in the summer heat
Artista’s piece was a play on ‘Whitecross’ not only is it the name of the street but it symbolises the vote that so many people suffered to get
Airborne Mark is a regular at the festival
Airborne Mark’s piece was a recreation of an origami moth
Giusi Tomasello standing proud by her finished piece
Giusi tend to paint female portraits. Here she paints one with a message
Hannah Adamaszek and her female athlete
High up on the street, a typically realistic portrait of a girl from Jerome Davenport
A bird holding a leaf with the word ‘Vote 100’ from Saroj
saroj whitecross
Saroj mid-way through painting her piece at the festival
A more abstract piece from Skeleton Cardboard – ‘We are all skeletons’
unity whitecross
Unity live painting on Whitecross Street
A symbolic work from Cardiff based ‘Unity’. The piece pays tribute to all the people in the public eye who have fought for equal pay. It depicts the names of these people in different tags throughout the piece
A heart from Apparan
Mexico’s Goya Torres painting her trademark face
goya torres whitecross
Goya Torres and her final piece at the Whitecross Street Party
Vanessa Longchamp’s depiction of Emily Davison being hit by the Kings Horse
Detail of Andrea Tyrimo’s exotic plants
Andrea’s work covers the pillars by the entrance to this housing block on Whitecross Street

The Street Party Gallery

The LSO choir at the Whitecross Street Party
Children playing string instruments, totally adorable
One of the acts on the central stage singing against a backdrop of previous years street art
Kids from a local youth club dancing and showcasing their fashion
Street stalls
Whitecross Street looking towards the Barbican
The main stage
One of the posters for this years party

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