Lucy Sparrow aims to bring her special brand of felt magic to create a fabric convenience store in New York

There simply is no stopping Lucy Sparrow.  From launching her highly successful ‘Cornershop‘ project in London’s Bethnal Green in 2014 she has taken the art world by storm with a series of immersive installations.

For us here at Inspiring City it was a project we got pretty excited about and we saw first hand the efforts that went into creating an entire shop out of felt.  Now she’s doing it again, or at least that’s what she’s planning to do, in New York with the creation of her biggest project yet, an American convenience store.

Lucy Sparrow
Lucy Sparrow preparing for her last hugely successful Cornershop in London

It’s an ambition she told us about back in the heady days of 2014 when we visited the packed Cornershop in London.  There, in a quick gap between the hoards of visitors, she said that big plans were afoot and they might just involve going to the states.  She is nothing if not tenacious in her ambition to turn the World into a felt haven.

But it’s not just the transformation of independent retailers that she’s been concentrating on.  Since the Cornershop she has written a book and last year took over a space in London’s Soho to create ‘Madame Roxy’s Erotic Emporium‘.  It was another massively successful immersive felt experience but one with very much an 18 certificate and one that she then later repeated earlier this year by taking it to Montreal.

Lucy Sparrow
The Cornershop was a labour of love but now she is going bigger and better

Now though she is back to the felt creation of tasty treats and canned goods and is raising money via Kickstarter to get her latest project off the ground.  A total of £40,000 will be required to create a felt American convenience store in New York, but looking at the rewards on offer it’s a tempting investment and one which when created will be an experience indeed.  With rewards starting from as little as £5 there really is something for everyone.

To back Lucy Sparrow’s New York convenience store and for the chance to get hold of some fantastic rewards have a look at the Kickstarter page here.  We’ll be following her progress here on Inspiring City as she takes yet another step in her quest to create a happy and felty new world.

Lucy Sparrow Gallery

Lucy Sparrow
Lucy Sparrow
lucy sparrow
Madame Roxy outside her emporium
Lucy Sparrow
Catching up on the Daily Sew
Lucy Sparrow
Lucy at home in her studio
Lucy Sparrow
Swamped with felt goodies prior to London’s Cornershop
Lucy Sparrow inside the Cornershop
Lucy celebrating felt goodyness

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