Where to Find Street Art in Camden

Camden has always been a great place to find street art. Over the years the area has changed. It’s seen a lot of development. The area by the canal in particular has been transformed. Spots have come and gone but now there is a semi regular trail of street art crumbs to follow.

Street art in Camden can all be seen quite easily. You can visit the majority on a walk between three tube stations. Those are Chalk Farm, Camden and Mornington Crescent. It’s just a straight line to walk between each and there are some good spots along the route. Follow the route along Chalk Farm Road and most of the places to see will be along there.

Alice Pasquini’s art can be found in Camden

Street Art in Camden

Ferdinand Estate

The Ferdinand Estate hosts a surprising array of street art. Created as part of a project with Global Street Art and Camden Council in 2017. The result was a whole host of walls painted by some of worlds top street artists. The likes of Said Dokins, Inkie, Fanakapan, Gary Stranger and Soker Uno all still have work there. The estate itself is a mixture of open and gated. Most of the work can be seen in the open area but you might need to glimpse through the fences to see the rest.

Work by Soker Uno on the Ferdinand Estate part of the street art of Camden
Soker Uno work on the Ferdinand Estate in Camden
Onwards and Upwards mural by Gary Stranger in the Ferdinand Estate. Part of the street art of Camden
Onwards and Upwards. A mural by Gary Stanger on a wall in the Ferdinand Estate

Harmood Street

The next stop searching for Camden Street Art takes us to Harmood Street. Here you will see only a few pieces. Usually though they are good ones. The popular artist Irony often has a piece here as he does at the time of writing.

Street art by Irony on Harmood Street. Part of the street art of Camden
Street Art by Irony on Harmood Street

Hartland Road

Another smaller street just off Chalk Farm Road. Hartland Road is the next stop. Here there are usually some large scale murals to see. The building on the corner of the street is usually fully painted. You can also access the next spot on the Camden Street Art route around the back. Here a little alley takes you into Hawley Mews.

Street Art Murals on Hartland Street in Camden
DRT and Dan Kitchener murals on Hartland Street

Hawley Mews

One of the best places to see street art in Camden is Hawley Mews. A path running along the back of some houses. It is painted fully. The work here changes semi-frequently but it is always of top quality. Curated by ‘The Real Art of Street Art’ it is one of the top draws on the street art trail.

Voydor and Fanakapan collaboration on Hawley Street
A collaboration between Voydor and Fanakapan on Hawley Street
Mural by irony on Hawley Street in Camden
A piece from Irony on Hawley Street

Hawley Street

Hawley Mews leads onto Hawley Street. Here immediately in front on the other side of the road, more street art can be seen. Some pieces from Otto Schade in particular are long standing. One work, a portrait of Amy Winehouse is a popular image in the area. Amy was a Camden local so a number of street artists have portrayed her over the years.

Camden Lock Bridge

The famous Camden Lock Railway Bridge is pretty much the center of the area. Much photographed it sits at the junction of Chalk Farm Road, Castlehaven Road and Camden High Street. The bridge itself was painted by John Bulley in 1989 and it has stood the test of time. Meant to bring some life to the old rusting landmark, it has since become iconic. Re-painted in 2014 it was given a new lease of life. Certainly this is the longest standing piece of Camden Street Art.

Camden Lock Bridge is one of the most famous places in Camden to see street art
Camden Lock Bridge was originally painted by John Bulley in 1989

Castlehaven Road

From the famous and much photographed Camden Lock Bridge, Castlehaven Road leads off immediately underneath. Some good street art can be seen right there at the junction. Work here is often much photographed due to it’s central location. A little further down leads to the junction with Hawley Road where more Camden Street Art can be seen.

Street Art from Irony on Castlehaven Road

Hawley Road

An impressive piece from Camden favourite Irony can be seen on Hawley Road. A viral hit at the time it was painted it shows an aerosol can spraying fire. There are a few other smaller pieces to see along the street but this is the main one. It’s worth not missing out. The piece can be seen nearer to the junction with Kentish Town Road.

Irony’s fire spraying aerosol can on Hawley Road

Stucley Place

To get to Stucley Place you would be best returning to the Camden Lock Bridge and turning onto Camden High Street. Crossing over the canal you are entering Camden’s heart. Turn left on Hawley Crescent and then right on Stucley Place. It’s a popular spot and the street art here changes often. The wall at the end of the street by the junction with Buck Street in particular is one of the best in the area.

Mural from Choots on Stucley Place. This wall is on the junction with Buck Street

Kentish Town Road

From Stucley Place head down Buck Street towards Kentish Town Road. Once there turn right and head towards Camden Town tube station. Shortly you’ll see a nice little spot with an array of great pieces of Camden Street Art. It’s a nice little gallery which currently has works from Dan Kitchener, Stinkfish, DRT, Sr. X and Ant Carver.

Collaboration on Kentish Town Road with Stinkfish and DRT
Camden Street Art from DRT and Sr.X

Greenland Place

A little further down just by the Worlds End Pub is Greenland Road leading to Greenland Place. There on the corner the building often has some colourful pieces to see. At the time of writing it was pretty much covered with works from Decolife. It certainly seems to be a favoured spot for the Brazilian abstract artist. Another piece worth looking out for is the ‘Get Rich or Try Sharing’ piece from Mau Mau. Featuring one of his iconic foxes, it’s high up on the roof so keep your eyes open.

Camden Street Art by Decolife on Greenland Place

Bayham Street

Heading further down towards Mornington Crescent station. Bayham Street is a couple of blocks set back from Camden High Street. Best accessed via Plender Street there is one mural of note. A piece from Italian street artist Alice Pasquini. Her mural from 2012 still survives on the side of the Alexandra the Great restaurant.

Mural from Alice Pasquini on Baynham Street in Camden.

Miller Street

One of the most popular places to see street art in Camden is Miller Street. Essentially just a little alley it has some longer standing pieces mixed with changing spots. Here works from Alaniz, JXC and Vanessa Longchamp can be seen. It’s a must see spot to see on any tour of street art in the area.

The Truffle Shuffle by JXC on Miller Street in Camden
Long standing work by Alaniz on Miller Street in Camden

The street art of Camden was visited during March 2020. You can read more articles in this series of posts from London, Shoreditch and Brick Lane.

Where to see Street Art in Camden

  1. Ferdinand Estate

    Just around the corner from Chalk Farm tube station is the Ferdinand Estate. Full of street art is was a collaboration between Global Street Art and the local housing association.

  2. Harmood Street

    Back to the main road and a little bit further down Chalk Farm Road there are a few pieces to see on Harmood Street

  3. Hartland Road

    Continue along to Hartland Road and there will be more murals to see. Watch out for a little alley next to the big mural directly in front.

  4. Hawley Mews

    Down the alley it leads to Hawley Mews which is full of street art. Essentially the back of a mews of houses, the art here is some of the best in london.

  5. Hawley Street

    Keep going and you come to Hawley Street. The Mews leads here and you will see street art directly opposite. This includes some great works from Otto Schade.

  6. Camden Lock Bridge

    Continuing down towards Camden you soon come to Camden Lock Bridge. Here the famous work from John Bulley can be seen. It’s one of the most famous sites in the area.

  7. Castlehaven Road

    On a turning to the left just before the bridge is Castlehaven Road. Work can be seen at the junction and also a little further down underneath another bridge.

  8. Hawley Road

    Keep walking and the road turns into Hawley Road. There’s a few great pieces of street art towards the end. This includes an amazing flaming spray can by Irony.

  9. Stucley Place

    Head all the way back in order to get to Stucley Place. Back to Camden Lock Bridge and over the canal. Soon there will be a turn off so look out for it.

  10. Kentish Town Road

    From the end of Stucley Place head down Buck Street towards Kentish Town Road. Soon on the right is a little yard filled with wonderful street art.

  11. Greenland Place

    Head past Camden Town tube station. Cross the road and search out the little Greenland Place. There are a few nice works dotted around to look at.

  12. Bayham Street

    Head down Camden High Street and walk for about 5 minutes. Soon you’ll come to Plender Street. Head down towards Bayham Street and you’ll see a magnificent mural from Alice Pasquini.

  13. Miller Street

    Back to Camden High Street and you ‘ll need to cross the road to find the tiny alley of Miller Street. One of the very best places to see street art in the city is a great way to finish. Mornington Crescent tube is close by.


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