Cool things to do in Aberdeen during the 2019 Nuart Festival

Now in it’s third year the Nuart Festival is returning to Aberdeen. Featuring some of the World’s best street artists. It’s also known for its talks, debates, films and lectures.

Taking place at the Belmont Filmhouse and at spots around the town. The Nuart Plus programme is what really sets the whole show apart. Not just the paintings on the street. It’s as much about being able to explore the whole street art phenomenon. Writers, curators, film makers and researchers joining the artists to add that extra dimension of insight.

Much of the Nuart Plus programme will take place at the Belmont Filmhouse

There’s loads to see and you can see the whole list here. It’s free too so what’s not to like about that. There’s a lot going on though. So with that in mind we chose what our top things would be to see whilst at the festival.

In Conversation with John Byrne – Thursday 18 April 2019 (Belmont Filmhouse) 8-9pm

Described by Billy Connolly as “Scotland’s favourite artist”. John Byrne will give an in-conversation interview, with journalist Fiona Stalker. Propelled to notoriety as the first person to paint the ‘Gable End’ of a Glasgow tenement block in 1974. He has a career spanning more than 60 years. His art has adorned walls, theatre roofs and pop culture with album covers for the Beatles and Gerry Rafferty.

Note: This event is already full but organisers recommend checking the facebook page for updates.

“Scotlands Favourite Artist” John Byrne

Tales of the City: Artist Talk with Carrie Reichardt – Friday 19 April 2019 (Belmont Filmhouse) 11.10-11.40

First up for the main programme of events, Nuart alumni and Inspiring City regular Carrie Reichardt. Drawing on local archival sources to create works that resonate with the communities they are set within. She has described her work as a form of “ceramic tapestry” – weaving local people and their histories together. We’ve covered her work a number of times on Inspiring City. Her home in London is covered head to toe in mosaic and a lot of her work can also still be seen in Aberdeen. Created as it was, as part of the 2018 festival.

Carrie Reichardt by her ‘Everyday Heroes’ collaboration piece in Aberdeen

Imaginary City: Premiere of the NUART Documentary – Friday 19 April 2019 (Belmont Filmhouse) 14.15-1500

Traversing the history of the Nuart Festival. Imaginary City explores the magical ability of street art to change our ways of seeing the city. Created by filmmakers Kristina Borhes and
Nazar Tymoshchuk they joined Nuart in 2014 initially to work as interns. According to Martyn Reed, Nuart’s CEO, “little did I suspect that they had the potential to become one of the most interesting street art filmmakers of their generation.” The film premieres in Aberdeen and features a Q&A with filmmaker Kristina Borhes of MZM Projects.

Fight Club – Friday 19 April 2019 (Underdog) 21:30-23:00

Fight club pits rival groups of artists, academics and industry professionals in a battle of wits fuelled by booze. They debate topics of the day in the bearpit environment of the Underdog pub on a Friday night. They’ll be debating issues focused on areas related to street art culture. It’s like the Oxford Union except that it’s not in Oxford and it’s a lot more fun.

Fight Club is the booze filled debating society of the festival

Nuart Kick Off and Street Art Tours – Saturday 20 April 2019 (The Green) from 13:00

The launch of the festival proper takes place in the heart of the city, the Green. Overlooked by Herakuts standout piece from 2017 this will be about celebrating Nuart 2019. The ever-popular free walking tours will also begin at the launch event. Held at 1.30pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm. They will continue on Sunday April 21 with tours at 2pm and 3pm. You can find out more about the street art tours here.

Herakuts standout piece from Nuart 2017 still overlooks the Green

Axel Void and Evan Pricco in Conversation – Saturday 20 April 2019 (Belmont Filmhouse) 14.15-15.00

Evan Pricco, Editor-in-Chief of Juxtapoz, and artist Axel Void discuss the many stories, varied collaborations, and human encounters, behind Axel’s work and adventures. One of the festival aritsts this year, Axel Void is well known for the tales his work tells. In the UK we’ve previously featured his murals in London and Manchester.

Alex void mural. Part of Banksys 2015 Dismaland exhibition in Weston Super Mare

Graffiti Grannies Film Screening and Q+A with LATA65 founder Lara Seixo Rodrigues – Saturday 20 April 2019 (Belmont Filmhouse) 15:00-15:45

The Graffiti Grannies have been getting a lot of attention ever since they were announced as being part of the festival. According to LATA 65 it’s about destroying old stereotypes by turning senior citizens into street artists. They even find them free spots to tag up and paint in the city.

LATA 65 will be a part of the Nuart Street Art Festival in Aberdeen

Chalk Don’t Chalk & LEGO Workshop – Sunday 21 April 2019 (Rooftop Garden, St. Nicolas Centre) 11:00-15:00

For kids aged from 3 to 99 this is a fun workshop in the gardens inspired by the work of Jans Vormann. One of the festival artists, his work will, by the time of the workshop, be all around. Using LEGO to integrate into the cracks and fissures of the city they bring a bit of colour to the streets.

The kids workshop will be inspired by the work of festival artist Jans Vormann

The Nuart Festival takes place in Aberdeen between 18-21 April 2019. You can download the full programme of events here. You can also read more about the 2018 festival here and the Street Art of Aberdeen here.

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