The Street Art of St James Street in Walthamstow

It’s only a small stretch but St James Street in Walthamstow packs a punch when it comes to street art. Containing, within a short walk of each other, murals from the likes of ROA, Phlegm and ATM.

All three are well known to London and the UK. Sheffield’s Phlegm is one of the country’s top talents. His black and white illustrative style transports the viewer to another world of his own making. With fantastical creatures living out their lives. At the time of writing his ‘Masoleum of Giant’s exhibition in his home city is causing major waves. With two hour queues just to get in.

Street Art on St James Street

The mural from ATM, we saw when it first went up a few years ago. On the corner of Coppermill Lane it depicts a variety of birds with links to the area. Highly relevant because very close by are the Walthamstow Wetlands and the Hackney Marshes. We interviewed him at the time about it and you can read and watch that interview here.

Finally the work from ROA. Next to the St James Street Station. It shows a badger on it’s back playing with a bird. His art is about bringing the natural world into the urban environment. His black and white animals playing against the backdrop of the city. The work from ROA reminds us that a whole natural environment exists underneath the surface.

Mural from ATM on Coppermill Lane showing birds which, in a healthy environment, would all normally be natural visitors

All pieces have been created as part of the St James Big Local initiative. All within a five minutes walk from the St James Street station. They are all very close to each other so easy to find. The project aims to create a better place to live for residents of the area. It’s nice to see that street art is being included as a part of that.

The street art of St James Street in Walthamstow was visited during March 2019. It can all easily seen by travelling to the St James Street station as all three pieces are nearby.


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