Paint Your London turns Walthamstow into a street art hot spot

Walthamstow has been having a lot going on street art wise for the past few years now. This month’s ‘Paint Your London‘ festival however is really starting to tip the balance. One which places the area up there with some of the best street art spots in the city.

Working alongside the likes of Wood Street Walls. That particular collective has been finding walls in Walthamstow for a while now. With some spots on Hoe Street in particular making the journey there completely worthwhile.

Now more walls are being found and over the month they are being painted by some of the best street artists working around the area today.  Walthamstow has been getting ever cooler. Surely this ever growing love for street art is just going to make the place more popular.

Wood Street Walls are behind most of the murals in the area

Paint Your London

Part of the Mayor of London’s ‘Find Your London‘ festival. The area around Walthamstow, Waltham Forest, Chingford and Leytonstone and Leyton has been chosen to host some spectacular legal murals. This in itself is a part of a wider attempt to celebrate London’s outdoor spaces.

For Wood Street Walls, it also gives an opportunity to highlight the lack of affordable creative workspaces for artists.  Creative spots, despite being themselves catalysts for regeneration have been disappearing around the capital. This is due to rent rises and new developments which take over areas once deemed affordable. It means that artists have to move ever further out.

mark mcclure walthamstow
This new work from Mark McClure can be seen on Forest Road

The result is some high quality artwork all within fairly easy walking distance and certainly accessible by public transport.  It’s already caught the imagination of some of our blogging friends at HookedBlog and London Calling. What’s more a map has even been created here showing all the locations.

Paint Your London took place from 18-28 March 2016 and is part of the Mayor of London ‘Find Your London‘ festival.  For more information you can visit the website here.  Pictures in this post were taken on Sunday 27 March 2016.

There’s a fair bit of street art to see in the Stow, some created as part of the festival and some from other events organised by Wood Street Walls.  This gallery showcases the work we came across when visiting over the Easter weekend.

Collaboration between Fane and Marc Craig at 163-165 Hoe Street
DSC_0079 (1)
Local artist Mark McClure on St. Mary’s Road
Not all those who wander are lost by Lilly Lou on West Avenue
remi rough wood street walthamstow
Remi Rough on Wood Street
remi rough wood street walthamstow
Detail of Remi Rough mural on Wood Street
all good in the wood walthamstow
All good in the wood by Ronzo on Wood Street
frankie strand walthamstow
Dancing skeletons from Frankie Strand on Wood Street
frankie strand walthamstow
Skeletons dancing round a volcano by Frankie Strand
Work from the Toasters on Wood Street
The Toasters mural
mr cenz hoe street walthamstow
Mr Cenz mural at the bottom of Hoe Street
mr cenz walthamstow
Mr Cenz detail
mark mcclure walthamstow
Mark McClure work on Forest Road
dale grimshaw hoe street walthamstow
Dale Grimshaw on Hoe Street
irony and boe walthamstow
Work from Irony & Boe on Hoe Street
atm walthamstow
ATM work on Coppermill Road
Hunto mural on Elmfield Road
louis masai walthamstow
Mural from Louis Masai on Elmfield Road
louis masai walthamstow
Foxes, Badgers and Bees from Louis Masai