The Street Art Murals of Wood Street in Walthamstow

Walthamstow and especially Wood Street is always a place we like going to spot street art.  It’s got a vibrant young feel to it and creative types seem to be flocking up the Victoria line at the moment desperate to seek out a little bit of what just might well be the new hipster hotspot.

But for us it’s the street art that keeps us interested with what’s happening in East 17. Last year we covered the ‘Paint Your London‘ festival organised by Wood Street walls, an event which brought some of the best street artists to the area and which really put Walthamstow on the map in terms of street art.

Street Art on Wood Street

Since then the team at Wood Street walls have been busy and more murals have popped up not least on Wood Street itself.  Many if not most of the original pieces from the festival are still around to be seen but they’ve been supplemented with works from the likes of Axel Void, Eelus and even Invader adding their marks to the scene.

Welcome to Wood Street

It’s not just Wood Street though, have a wander along Forest Road, Hoe Street, St Mary Road and Aubrey Street and you’ll see some gems.  It may take a good few hours as they are dotted around the area with even more in the surrounding vicinity.

Walthamstow Street Art

But for this post I wanted to focus on the art of Wood Street itself, there’s a good few murals here including a relatively recent one from Walthamstow based duo Static on the side of the Flower Pot pub, artists who have been prime movers behind the campaign to bring street art to Walthamstow.

So feel free to have a little virtual wander below.  If you did want to see the works yourself then get off the train at Wood Street station and the first mural,  a tribute to God’s Own Junkyard founder Chris Bracey, is there to be seen.  Then wander up in the direction of Forest Road.  If you wanted to extend your time a bit then head down Forest Road towards Hoe Street, take a look at the impressive Invader piece on the side of the Bell Pub and then head up Hoe Street towards Walthamstow station.  By the time you’ve finished you will have seen some great pieces.

The street art of Wood Street and Walthamstow was visited and photographed in 15 April 2017.  For more on the street art of Walthamstow check out this post.

Chris Bracey God's Own Junkyard mural walthamstow
Portrait of Neon artist Chris Bracey the inspirational figure behind the famous God’s Own Junkyard. The mural is on the corner of Vallentin road and Wood Street just outside the station
Mural by Remi Rough on Wood Street in Walthamstow
Mural from Remi Rough on the corner of Brandon Street
Street art by Static on Wood Street in Walthamstow
New piece from Walthamstow based duo Static on the side of the Flower Pot pub on Wood Street
street art by the toasters on wood street in walthamstow
The Toasters mural on Linford road
street art by axel void on wood street in walthamstow
Behind Linford Road is a car park and that is where you can find this piece from Axel Void
all good in the wood walthamstow
‘All Good in the Wood’ mural on Wood Street by Ronzo – now replaced
This mural by Helen Bur replaced the previous mural from Ronzo on Wood Street
street art by frankie strand on wood street in walthamstow
Dancing skeletons from Frankie Strand on Waverley Road
A series of pipes and pulley’s by the side of the framers on Wood Street
Cam Scale and Loretta Lizzio collaborated on this piece at the top of Wood Street in 2017

And a little bit beyond Wood Street…

eelus walthamstow
New piece from Eelus on Forest Road on the corner with Spruce Hills road
invader walthamstow
Tiled Invader on the side of the Bell Pub
shok 1 walthamstow
Shok 1 piece on the side of the Bell
mark mcclure
Mark McClure piece on the junction with Chingford road and Forest Road
atm walthamstow
A painting of a snipe from ATM on Aubrey road
mark mcclure
Mark McClure mural on Aubrey Road

Of course there are lots of other places to see street art in Walthamstow so if you want to have a look where, check out this post on Paint Your London and the street art locations in Walthamstow


  1. Nice post and well worth a visit. It is been a couple of years since my last visit, so this has been a good reminder. Walthamstow has a pie & mash shop worth checking out if only to see a bygone interior of another age!!!!

    1. Thanks Terry very nice of you to say so. I think I’m probably due back there at some point. A few more murals have been appearing since this post. The area is a bit of a gem

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