Strassenkunst Exhibition brings German Street Art to London

An exhibition featuring works from German street artists has been showing at Monty’s Bar on Brick Lane. Curated by popular local artist Hello the Mushroom, Strassenhunst is German for ‘Street Art’. It’s a show which is all about showcasing emerging German talent in the heart of London’s own street art scene.

From towns such as Cologne, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Berlin. Many of the artists have not really ventured too much out of their home areas. When seen together however, their work really paints a picture of the current urban street art scene in Germany. Shown against the art covered walls of Monty’s Bar, it doesn’t look too far removed from our own in London.

Hello the Mushroom (sporting a piece from Lembo) curated and planned the exhibition featuring a number of German street artists at Monty’s Bar on Brick Lane.

German Street Art

Inspired by a visit to the country in 2018, Hello the Mushroom felt that the work she was seeing deserved a wider audience. Although some of their work might, on occasion, be seen in the city due to partnerships with local artists. Their studio practice wasn’t something that would have been widely seen outside of Germany.

Choosing the artists to take part was organic. A mixture of people she had met, recommendations made and in the case of Herr Eifel, bumping into him at the bar in Monty’s one night. The result is that a mixture of styles which shows off the variety of the German street art scene has been formed. “I tried to keep the styles mixed and interesting” Hello the Mushroom told me. “This is definitely a show with a little something for everyone. From more traditional stencil art, to stickers, to yarn art, collage and everything else in between.”

Monty’s Bar on Brick Lane

This exhibition is an opportunity for local urban art lovers to see something a little different. It’s also a chance for some of the artists to get their work seen in London. Sitting at the very heart of the urban art scene, Monty’s Bar certainly helps with that. The ‘go-to’ hangout for artists visiting the East End, you are unlikely to find a more knowledgeable group of punters when it comes to street art in the city.

Taking place in the week where the United Kingdom could have left the European Union. The symbolism of a show celebrating European artists wasn’t lost either. “It wasn’t my initial intention or a motivation to use this as a way to talk about Brexit” she told me. “But I also believe that it can be relevant – to show that there is a lot of interesting art out there and that by leaving the EU and creating barriers to the art and artist’s circulation we are all the worse for it.”

Strassenkunst is showing at Monty’s Bar on Brick Lane from 11 April 2019 to at least 21 April 2019. We visited the exhibition on both the opening night and on Sunday 15 April 2019. Have a look at some of the German Street Artists in the gallery below.

Strassenkunst Gallery

Monty’s Bar featuring work from ‘Hello the Mushroom
A selection of works from Strassenmaid in Monty’s Bar
A wall showing works from Liz Art Berlin and Meow Cologne
Art from Green Taxonomy
Wall with art from Marambolage and Strassenmaid
Work from Hamburg based artist Solaris100 in Monty’s Bar
Collaboration between Hello the Mushroom and ‘Planet Selfie‘. Photo courtesy of Keith Knowlton

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