Gimmie Shelter Paint Jam in Abandoned Office in Soho

For the second time this year our friends at London Calling took over an abandoned office block. This in the centre of Soho for the Gimmie Shelter Paint Jam. They opened up its walls to artists to do with what they will.

We covered the first event back in January and saw some pretty good art. The office block in question is sometimes given over for exhibitions and the walls of the space are a pretty expansive canvas for spray painting type fun.

jxc soho
Amazing piece from JXC featuring Pennywise from the movie ‘IT’

Street Art in the Office Block

Still filled with the remnants of art from the earlier event, artists from around the city came to add more. A standout piece from JXC in particular, paying homage to the evil clown from IT, found itself getting a lot of attention.

The building will one day no doubt be redeveloped. An old sixties office block nestled away on Poland Street it’s closed most of the time and only opened up on occasions for the odd charitable art show or event like this but given it’s location the developers can’t be long moving in. We also recently covered a show from Artista which was held next door where all the artworks were made out of cardboard and where the building has become a temporary studio space.

woserski soho
One of our favourite pieces from the event by Woserski

Inside, the building has clearly seen better days. The walls are decaying, the lift shafts are exposed and the elements have steadily found their way inside to slowly rot the building from the inside. All in all, it’s the perfect location for urban art and artists wanting a blank canvas on which to paint their latest work.

So for this post, let’s just show some of the art. It’s been awhile since the show but some of this work is just too good to miss.

The London Calling ‘Gimmie Shelter’ paint jam was visited on Sunday 24 September 2017. The building the event is based in, is inaccessible to the public and only made available by permission of the owners.

Gimmie Shelter Paint Jam Gallery

elno soho
Elno mid creation at the event
annatomix soho
A piece from earlier in the year from Annatomix
aspire soho
What looks like a Kestrel from Aspire
maikel walkman soho
The first of a series of pieces from Maikel Walkman
maikel walkman  soho
A group of crash test dummies from Maikel Walkman
maikel walkman soho
Solitary figure from Maikel Walkman
maikel walkman soho
Maikel Walkman tag
she soho girls on top
Tag from ‘She’
candie soho
Work from Candie Bandita
frankie strand soho
The artists Frankie Strand and Caroline Derveaux
frankie strand soho
Collaboration between Frankie Strand and Caroline Derveaux
skeleton cardboard soho
Skeleton Cardboard piece on a pillar
olivier soho
Olivier Roubieu with a piece from earlier in the year
olivier soho
Different angle of the previous Olivier Roubieu piece
olivier soho
Olivier Roubieu
mali mowcka soho
A quick throw up piece from Mali Mowcka
airborne mark soho
Spite from Airborne Mark
airborne mark soho
Close up of the Airborne Mark sprite
airborne mark soho
As is his tradition Airborne Mark creates his works initially as origami creations and then sets them alight
soho takeover
Piece from Toas
soho takeover paint can
Discarded spray paint and debris
soho takeover jxc
Inspiring City with Pennywise


  1. Sadly I’m not sure, the place next door I think is part of the same group and hosts temporary artists studios so they might know. Also our pals at London Calling might have an idea as they hosted this one 😀

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