Spanish Street Art duo Pichiavo host ‘In Gods We Trust’ at the Unit Gallery in Soho

Spanish duo Pichiavo, known for their combination of classical art and graffiti have created a series of works for their new show ‘In Gods we Trust’ at the Unit Gallery in London’ Soho.

Their work is instantly recognisable. Drawn from ancient Greek and Roman influences, the heart of their pieces often feature classical statues more commonly seen in a museum. These are set against a graffiti backdrop which has its influence more in the New York subway graffiti scene of the 70’s and 80’s than ancient Rome or Athens. But it’s this mix of influences which really sets this work apart and gives any piece created by Pichiavo a unique feel.


It also means that any show from this duo is anticipated and judging from the queue outside the gallery to get in, this was something eagerly awaited for a while. It’s not often that you have to queue to get into a show hosted by a couple of street artists but then it’s also not usual to have the opening night held in the middle of the expensive Soho district.

Inside the walls and the canvasses blend in together so that the walls of the gallery themselves have been transformed into one giant graffiti hall of fame. The buyers of the works will be buying one piece of a wider mural created in situ, some of the pieces can be taken home but the rest will stay and be whitewashed over ready for the next show once this one finishes. It’s a nod to the nature of graffiti that it really isn’t meant to last.

Pichiavo at the Unit Gallery in London
Pichiavo in front of one of their works at the Unit Gallery in London

Their name is simply a conjoining of both artists own names Pichi and Avo also known as Juan Antonio Sanchez and Alvaro Hernandez. Collaborating together since 2007 they are from the Valencia area of Spain originally but have been painting around the world for many years. We last saw their work at Upfest which they painted in 2016. That has since gone and another piece produced for the Cities of Hope festival in Manchester has sadly also been painted over.

Now, in addition to the work on the walls of the gallery they’ve added a new street piece to London and you can see it on the street running behind the gallery on Berwick Street. They’ve painted in London before but not for a good while so it’s worth getting along to see that one before it goes.

‘In Gods We Trust’ by Pichiavo is showing at the Unit Gallery London on 147 Wardour Street from 11 August to 24 September 2017.

Pichiavo Gallery

The window of the gallery on 147 Wardour Street with the red carpet in fron
New street piece just behind the gallery
Panoroma shot of some of the pieces in the show
Graffiti sculpture
Detail of Achilles foot
Khalkeus “Coppersmith”
Graffiti covered walls of the gallery
Sea Power
The Warrier’s Rest
Smaller canvasses
Style Hunter
pichiavo bristol north street
Pichiavo piece painted as part of the Upfest festival in 2016
Pichiavo piece created for Cities of Hope
Pichiavo piece created for the Cities of Hope festival in Manchester

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