Assembly of the Gods Exhibition from Dale Grimshaw

Assembly of the Gods is the latest exhibition from Dale Grimshaw at the Well Hung Gallery from Saturday 19th September. As with much of his work the show will focus on the fight of the West Papuan people to gain independence.

Dale Grimshaw has spent nearly a decade of studying and painting the faces of people from across the world. With ‘Assembly of the Gods‘ he has put together all this experience and empathy into an intense and intimate collection of provocative portraits. The images he creates are both fantastical and deeply real. The portraits have emotions and feelings, with a whole life behind them in their eyes.

Dale Grimshaw in his studio. Photo courtesty of Well Hung Gallery and Monoprixx

Free West Papua Campaign

Much of Dale’s work is in support of the Free West Papua campaign. He has become aware of the plight of indigenous peoples across the globe. People who are encountering the modern world in the shape of big business greedily profiting from their land and resources.

In some of his portraits Dale has included imagery from the Western world to emphasise this mix of cultures. Some of the faces meanwhile speak for themselves amidst dramatic abstract frameworks. An awareness of how the world is moving out of step with the rhythms of nature and the environment is also something that concerns Grimshaw. For Assembly of the Gods these are portraits which depict dignity and strength. They are also touchingly vulnerable.

Recent street art mural in Hackney Wick from Dale Grimshaw

Assembly of the Gods

Dale has shown his work in many successful solo and group exhibitions in the UK, Europe and the USA. In recent years he has become renowned for his impressive street art and is in demand across the world. He employs the same intensity of expression that he has developed in his studio, with powerful effect and universal appeal.

His street art too is impressive. Most recently a giant portrait has appeared in Hackney Wick. Featuring the soft and understated gaze of a West Papuan man. The piece has been created for the London Mural Festival and is representative of the images in the exhibition. It’s work that he enjoys, giving the opportunity to connect with the public, to talk about his work and to share the thinking behind it.

Assembly of the Gods will open on Saturday 19th Sept for a private view from 11am-5pm. Dale Grimshaw will be giving away original linocuts/woodcuts throughout the opening day. The event is open to all with social distancing measures in place. Email to confirm attendance.  Admission is free you can read more about the show here.

Mural in Blackburn by Dale Grimshaw
Dale Grimshaw piece from 2015 just outside Brockley train station
Piece by Dale Grimshaw on the junction of Castlehaven Road and Chalk Farm Road in Camden

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