I Exist Art Book Aims to Celebrate Trans Bodies

‘I Exist’, an art book aimed at celebrating trans bodies is looking to secure crowdfunding. From Samo White, a trans activist and artist, it is about showcasing trans bodies in all their uniqueness and beauty.

A Trans Man himself, Samo says that “never before have trans bodies been represented on the scale I propose”. Well known in the street art community, he was the also the only trans street artist represented at last years World Pride event in New York.

Samo White painting on the street. He is putting together a crowdfunding campaign for 'I Exist' a book celebrating trans bodies
Samo White aka Mister Samo is a trans artist and activist

Changing Attitudes

“Consider how society has typically admired (cisgender) nude bodies throughout history” says Samo. “Well, the world is evolving and so are our perceptions of beauty and gender. The trans community are ready to be showcased in all their uniqueness and beauty”. His work has often been about this. For years using himself as a muse, ‘I Exist’ is a book which will also tell the stories of others.

The aspirations for the book are for it to stand alone as a contemporary collection of trans art. Culturally significant the intention is for it to also engage the wider community in a conversation. Although understanding and awareness of trans issues are growing, this is not yet really represented to its fullest extent in the art world.

Samo White ‘I Exist’ crowdfunding video

I Exist Book

The plan for a crowdfunding campaign has been inspired by the sense of community that it creates. I Exist by it’s very nature is planned to be a book which draws on the experience of others. It will showcase trans bodies in a way which is intended for the wider community to see. To be a part of the crowdfunder is to be a part of the work and the experience of putting it all together.

Samo is an artist with what seems to be a clear vision. His work is about engagement and normalising. As an artist he wants to start a conversation. The title ‘I Exist’ does just that. This is a not a book which would be able to be pushed under the carpet. It’s a book of which to be proud and it’s a pride that both the contributors and readers can share.

I Exist is an art book by Samo White. The link to the crowdfunder page is here. The campaign ends on 16 October 2020 and all pledges made by this point will contribute to the book.

Samo White will be crowdfunding for the I Exist art book
Mister Samo


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