Natasha Awuku Releases ‘Flowers’ her latest single

Flowers is the latest single from Natasha Awuku. A London based vocalist and music producer she is also a street artist. Her latest single, it releases on 20th November 2020. The single cover also features her own street art in the design.

Sitting somewhere between modern R&B and Neo-soul, ‘Flowers’ conveys a bittersweet mood. It features Natasha’s sultry vocals with soulful piano chords. Combined with a mellow Caribbean rhythm it is all self-produced and performed. Natasha wrote ‘Flowers’ to commemorate the passing of her Mother after a difficult battle with cancer. The lyrics draw an analogy between the beauty and briefness of flowers in bloom and life itself.

Natasha Awuku is an artist from London whose latest single is called Flowers
Natasha Awuku’s latest single is ‘Flowers’

Blending Genres

Born in London, Natasha Awuku began her creative life by studying classical piano from the age of five. Later she would go on to become a self-taught vocalist and music producer. British with Jamaican and Ghanaian heritage, Natasha draws from these various influences. Blending genres has become one of Natasha’s musical trademarks. “Studying classical piano gave me a great musical foundation” she says. “I was already into hip-hop, R&B and house, and so it wasn’t long before I mixed all of these genres together”.

Natasha Awuki by David Speed outside Shoreditch High Street station

Street Art and Music

A long-standing love of graffiti and street art drew Natasha into street art culture. Spraying walls was something of an expressive outlet for her. Aside from creating her solo street art pieces, Natasha has also worked alongside other artists on their murals. Most recently her portrait was sprayed by renowned street artist David Speed. The piece was painted opposite the entrance to Shoreditch High Street station.

street art by Natasha Awuku featuring flowers and hummingbirds
Street art by Natasha Awuku which features on the cover of Flowers

On the four year anniversary of her Mother’s passing, Natasha sprayed a mural in her memory. Featuring a humming bird and bold hibiscus flowers. This is the image used for the single’s cover artwork and was a fitting choice. “My Mother loved flowers” says Natasha. “Flowers only bloom for a short while so you have to appreciate their beauty while they are around. And that’s the bittersweetness of life”.

Listen to ‘Flower’s by Natasha Awuku

Video for ‘Flowers’ by Natasha Awuku

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Flowers by Natasha Awuku is released on 20th November 2020. She is a London based musician and street artist. Besides working on her own material Natasha has also worked behind the scenes as a  producer and session singer. She has also featured on remixes for DJ’s as well as working with some of the industry’s more well-known artists such as Basement Jaxx.

Natasha Awuku
Flowers cover art


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