Dotmasters and Ben Eine Murals Painted in Ilford

Two large murals by street artists Dotmasters and Ben Eine have been painted on Kenneth More Road in Ilford. The giant murals were commissioned by Redbridge Council and are meant to be part of a new cultural quarter in Ilford. They overlook the Kenneth More Theatre already a space at the heart of Ilford’s cultural scene.

The whole project has come about following the winning of a £500k grant from the Greater London Authority. The idea is to create public art and to find a way to revitalize empty shop fronts. If they spend the money wisely then it has a real potential to breath life into Ilford town centre.

Survival Mural by Ben Eine

Ilford Murals

Known for his unique fonts, Ben Eine has used his ‘circus’ design to write the word ‘Survival’ which overlooks the theatre. Dotmasters wall on the other side reveals two of his ‘rude kids’ spraying a red line on a wall. It’s a bit of a change for Dotmasters who normally creates his characters on a lot smaller scale when including them within murals.

Both Ben Eine and Dotmasters are artists we’ve featured a number of times before on Inspiring City. Both are prolific street artists and their work can be found across London and the UK. The links below feature more work from the artists.

Ilford Murals

Ben Eine mural in Ilford

Survival mural by Ben Eine in Ilford
Survival mural by Ben Eine in Ilford
Mural by Ben Eine in Ilford
Mural behind some barriers by Ben Eine
Ben Eine mural seen in the reflection of the Kenneth More Theatre

Dotmasters Mural in Ilford

Dotmasters mural in Ilford
Dotmasters mural
The mural shows two of Dotmasters rudekids painting a graffiti line
The two murals in the Kenneth More car park
Dotmasters mural in Ilford next to the Kenneth More Theatre
Dotmasters mural

The Ilford murals created by Ben Eine and Dotmasters were painted in February 2021. They are part of a programme supported by Redbridge Council and can be found on Kenneth More Road in Ilford.

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