Love Love Love Mural from Ben Eine appears in Shoreditch

The latest mural from Ben Eine has appeared in Shoreditch. Spelling in giant letters ‘Love, Love, Love’. The spot on Ebor Street is 45 metres long and one which the artist has been painting for the past 10 years.

Known for his typefaces. This mural reveals for the first time on a piece of street art, his latest ‘Neon’ lettering. Bright pink and luminous it stands out against the pitch black wall. The mural combines this newest font with previously designed typefaces.

‘Love’ on Ebor Street in Shoreditch features Ben Eine’s latest ‘Neon’ typeface. Picture courtesy of ‘Louis Thornton Film’

Love Love Love

It’s been nearly 10 years since Eine revealed the first incarnation of his ‘Circus’ font at the same spot. Owned by the ad agency ‘Mother‘, he’s refreshed it a number of times over those years. Staring out writing the words ‘Pro, Pro, Pro’, his most recent iteration was the phrase ‘Peace is Possible’. That was in 2018 and a response to the UK’s knife crime epidemic.

‘Love, Love, Love’ is a simple message. Painted over 20 hours, he’s incorporated his ‘Circus’, ‘Keyline’ and ‘Neon’ fonts into the piece. “Currently it feels like we are surrounded by a lot of hate, anger, frustration and negativity” he says. “This new piece, along with some Summer sunshine, will hopefully bring those who see it a little bit of happiness. I’m trying to put something positive out there and do something to make people feel a little bit happier for that moment. The wall needed a fresh lick of paint and its summer – what better time to share the message!”.

Ben Eine on Ebor Street in Shoreditch. Picture courtesy of ‘Louis Thornton Film’

Street Art and Graffiti

Eine is an artist who has certainly been on a journey. Starting out over 30 years ago, he was a graffiti writer and would take any opportunity to write his tag around London. It’s a history which got him into trouble on a number of occasions yet which informed the artist he is today. It’s also given him a unique understanding of what we might now refer to as the ‘urban art movement’ and the difference between street art and graffiti. “Street Artists want to add something to the environment” he says. “They consider the audience, whereas graffiti writers don’t care about anyone except themselves and do it purely for the kick”.

His journey into street art was really a result of his desire to “continue to do illegal graffiti art but not get arrested.” That was what he told an audience whilst giving a TED talk on the topic in 2018. “I saw street art as a way to do that” he added. Whilst at the same time comparing what the likes of his contemporaries Banksy and Shepherd Fairey were also doing at the time.

Ben Eine started out as a graffiti writer around the streets of London. Picture courtesy of ‘Louis Thornton Film’

Words on the Street

Eine’s messages have appeared all over London and indeed the World. Like his previous and current works on Ebor Street, they will have meanings behind them. A recent piece on the giant Village Underground wall in Shoreditch used words from the poet Ben Okri in a powerful tribute to the victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster. We’ve also previously featured his work at the Olympic Park as well as his shutter alphabet in East London.

‘Love Love Love’ is the latest iteration of an artist who is ever evolving. Three different typefaces displaying along one street. His message this time, a simple one.

‘Love Love Love’ the mural from Ben Eine can be found on Ebor Street in Shoreditch. It was created in June 2019.

‘Love’ written in Eine’s ‘Circus’ typeface. Picture courtesy of ‘Louis Thornton Film’
‘Love’ written in Eine’s ‘Keyline’ typeface. Picture courtesy of ‘Louis Thornton Film’
Ben Eine creating his latest piece on Ebor Street in Shoreditch. Picture courtesy of ‘Louis Thornton Film’
Ben Eine next to his latest ‘Neon’ work. Picture courtesy of ‘Louis Thornton Film’

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