Dotmasters Paints Facade on St Leonards Seafront

Overlooking the English Channel and nestled amongst the grand Victorian buildings overlooking the sea. One of the grand facades on the St Leonards promenade has had a different kind of paint job from street artist Dotmasters.

Known for his wall paper inspired patterned surfaces and his ‘rude kid’ characters. The mural extends across the entire frontage of the building, a hotel known as Rubys Rooms. It’s not quite what you expect to see in the area in terms of street art and it’s certainly noticeable.

Dotmasters mural in St Leonards covering the facade of Rubys Rooms
Painted front by Dotmasters on the facade of Rubys Rooms in St Leonards

The artist has been spending a bit of time in the area recently. He has a solo exhibition just around the corner at the Stella Dore Gallery on Norman Road. There, his latest body of work can be seen. His mainly stenciled images poke fun at the world of consumerism. Images he then blends with his inspirations from the world of graffiti.

Working with the Stella Dore, the giant painted facade is a collaboration with them and Rubys Rooms. The gallery has operated in a number of guises over the years. Now settled in St Leonards it has its roots firmly in the urban art world. Working with the likes of Dotmasters for a number of years they have now brought him to the town with a bang.

Line Em Out‘ by Dotmasters exhibits at the Stella Dore Gallery on Norman Road in St Leonards from 26 July 2019 to 24 August 2019. The painted facade can be found on Rubys Rooms, 54 Eversfield Place. For more articles featuring the work of Dotmasters click here.

The Ruby Rooms

Rubys Rooms in St Leonards showing the mural by Dotmasters
The Ruby Rooms with a facade painted by Dotmasters
One of Dotmasters rude kids on the Rubys Rooms in St Leonards
The entrance to the Ruby Rooms with one of Domasters ‘Rude Kids’
The Ruby Rooms on Eversfield Place in St Leonards

Whilst in St Leonards Dotmasters held an exhibition at the local Stella Dore Gallery. It featuring a number of his rude kids and stencil works.

Rude Kid in the window of the Stella Dore Gallery
Dotmasters painting on the St Leonards shorefront
A hidden little piece from Dotmasters on the St Leonards seafont just in font of Warrier Square Gardens

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